Lucy❤るーしぁ (Lucy)
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    I am Haina!
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    Hi. I'm Jessica and I'm from Australia. I'm not too experienced with cosplay and conventions, but I hope to gain experience over the next few years and beyond. ^v^
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    love making new friendships all over the world you can add me to any link listed here I DONT HAVE TIME FOR COSPLAY BUT I AM A FAN skype// mike.johnson701 Cure No. 361051
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    Facebook page :
  • Germany
    Hey im Shivaley ^-^ I cosplay since 2008 and im from germany. My favorite Anime is Fairy Tail, thats why i have so many Lucy Cosplays. But i like also LoveLive! or many Disney movies! ^-^ If you have any questions, you can ask me and i try to answer You can find me on: Facebook: Tumblr: Deviantart:
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    Hey! I'm a Spanish cosplayer! I love anime, manga, books, films, and chocolate!
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    Hi, I'm Xiko Lee and I'm cosplay since 2011 with my girlfriend Leh-chan