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  • Canada
    Hi, my name is Izy aka Hyoken Seisou (Hyo for short), a Canadian cosplayer. I've been cosplaying since 2005. Other hobbies include drawing, playing field hockey, playing video games, playing piano and flute, modeling, collecting reptiles and maintaining my mini 'zoo' at home.
  • Taiwan
    Hi, Im Nanami from Taiwan! I love my country!! My drem is to win in WCS one day (つД`)ノ I love vocaloid and love live!, I wish one day I can have a grup of Love Live~ My favorite Manga is One Piece, that is a soooooo nice manga!!(has a anime too) Viva ODA EICHIRO! Viva ONE PIECE!
  • Colombia
    Hello, my name is Jhon Manjarres ... also known as Jen -ka ... cosplay has become my passion in life, with which q express everything I feel and have learned; I hope this not only limits trasender art spaces but ... THANK TOTAL ... ....
  • Ana
    Hey, I'm Ana, Brazilian cosplayer and update tutorials to help all other cosplayers all over the world. ♥ Facebook ♥ DeviantART ♥ Youtube xx
  • Australia
    Hey everyone!~ We're just a group of people who cosplay as a hobby~ Please feel free to follow us!~ ^-^ Cosplayers are: - Tatsigou - Vik-kun - Taro - Riki - Tako-chan - Karatoke
  • Vik
    Hi Everyone!! My name is Vik and i'm a cosplayer based in Brisbane, Australia :D I enjoy doing anime and game cosplay mainly. I'm new so I hope you all enjoy my cosplay photos. Please feel free to like my facebook page and follow my deviant art and Instagram for cos updates. Facebook:
  • Australia
    Hi! I'm an Australian cosplayer. I love pin up, cosplay, comic books and cartoons. Facebook:
  • Australia
    Heyo everyone! I am a beginner cosplayer on a budget who hopes to become one who can win competitions (placing would be awesome as well). I really enjoy cosplaying as it is one of my favourite hobbies and I love making cosplays! I tend not to post much on here but I post a lot on my Facebook page. I also have a list of cosplays I am planning to do/ are already in progress! Here's the link:
  • Russia
    Cosplay lover English 한국어 ну и по-русски :) KILL LA KILL BLEACH CODE GEASS MAGI: the labyrinth of magic Bakemonogatari Tokyo ghoul All my cosplay-in-progress\in-process in write me ^3^
  • Australia
    Gold Coast born and bred est. 1994! Been cosplaying since 2013 and I'm working towards the Madman National Cosplay Comp 2015 and WCS 2015. I both buy and make my cosplays and props.
  • Australia
    Aussie cosplayer ^^ Facebook: Deviantart: Instagram: @kristyyleighh
  • Mexico
    Hello everyone I'm Alex (Linklex)I'm cosplayer from Monterrey Mexico nice to meet you all :D well hou you see my best cosplay is link of the Legend of Zelda I hope you like another cosplays of me. Ok i put the link of my pages ok FB n.n only FB << Forever Alone Link: Oh yeah I have 24 years old :3 I have 4years make cosplay i like so much my dream WCS *W* of course why not? /)(◕ ‿‿ ◕)(\
  • Australia
    今日はセツです。私はオーストラリアからのオタクです(笑)。よろしくおねがいしますOvO *まだ下手ですけど日本語を少しできますよ。 Hi~ I'm Setsu! I am an Australian cosplayer and I would LOVE to improve and meet more cosers so if you have any tips you would like to share please message me cause I would love to hear them :). -Cure No. 369868 -Facebook: [please leik for progress or random omake pics OwO] -Deviantart: nice to meet you~ よろしく〜
  • Australia
    Hello~ I'm Catherine, I'm 16 and I'm from a strange country call Australia. :3 nice to meet you~ You can call me Kat, Catherine or whatever you wish ^^ I'm very shy when I first meet people but when I get to know them I'm a total spazz!
  • Australia
    Nyun~ I'm Lauren! Welcome to my cosplay page! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/ Please enjoy your stay! ありがとう!! ★
  • Australia