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LoneWolfcoser (LoneWolf)
United States
  • China
    Hello! ^_^ I'm Sayla, a Chinese-Canadian Cosplayer ^_^ If you like my stuff, feel free to follow me on Facebook, deviantART and Instagram. 大家好!^_^ 我是Sayla, 来自中国的加拿大人。 如果您喜欢我的cosplays,欢迎随时跟着我在 Facebook,deviantART 和 Instagram 上。 Facebook: DeviantART: Instagram: @saylacosplay
  • China
    这里是伽惠 ☆⌒(*^-゜)v THX!! 微博:
  • Tan
    Viet Nam
    my facebook :
  • Mexico
    hi im a mexican cosplayer and cosmaker, i have 14 years whit this hobbie and i love it so much¡¡ Im love take pictures too, i show a little photos from my friendas Follow me!!:
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요 99년생 중부권코스어 향울입니다 본진은 엘소드.달빛천사 부진은 겁페.하이큐.도쿄구울.블리치 등 잡덕입니다 게임러이기도 하며 애니도 열심히 파고있습니다^0^!! 잘부탁드려요~ 팔로 환영합니다♡ 카스- 2424h 튓터-@hyangwoull hello. my name is hyangwoull from the south korea welcome the follow
  • South Korea
    영어못해요..언젠간 영어능력자 지인분의 도움을받아서 작성해보겠습니다. 남부권 18살 코스어 연아입니다ㅇvㅇ 월코어떻게하는지몰라요 코스한건 많은데 사진이 많이안남아있네요...ㅠ 1월에 살빼고 케틀해서 오겠습니다!:-) 주로 카스합니다ㅇuㅇ 혹시하시는분이라면 sks2368로 친추해주세요ㅇvㅇ 감사합니다!
  • South Korea
  • South Korea
    aiNo Cure No. 43760 Facebook : Blog :
  • Lee
    Hi, i am Lee ( Lee Lotus Cosplay) from Chile. I love every kind of cos, each challenge is special, and move me to do my best with details of my cosplay. I know im new in this i have a lot work to do for be better. I hope you likes my works.
  • ye
    South Korea
  • South Korea
    Cosplayer Have a nice day! Nickname - black leopard Twitter - @Kblack_leopard  
  • France
    Hi guys! I'm Ainlina, a french cosplayer who loves comics, anime and video games. You can find all my costumes and work in progress here: Deviantart :
  • South Korea
    Hi, I'm in Korea cosplayer Lami :) Blog:
  • Taiwan
    ♦ About Me 每次出角都會為下一次更努力 因為我喜愛COS這項興趣 希望能夠更進步.更提升自己 將角色的原貌呈現出來 照片部分有進入PS做些微修改 不喜者請笑納 玩COS的2年我看見自己的成長 也因為COS學到了很多生活技能 希望能有更多同好的加入 也希望能認識更多的同好^^ 覺得還有很多地方需要改進 還請大家多多指教ˊwˋ I like cosplay very much. I cos as best as I can. ♦ Facebook ♦ Plurk
  • Brazil
    My name is Kevin, but you KEN call me... I suck in jokes. I'm from Brazil, and i speak PORTUGUESE. thxs <3~ facebook:
  • Viet Nam
    Hello. I am Nanami. Nice too meet you ^^ FB: Email: Twitter: