Secret Service (007)
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    我叫透抽 攝影愛好者!!
  • Mai
    Hii , My Name is Mai Yuuki I am Indonesian Cosplayer I like all about Japanese I would like to meet cosplayers around the world! -- Yoroshiku Onegai --
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    안녕하세요:)~ 19살 중부권 코스어 삼순입니당! 2014.8.21~
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    Hi guys, I'm antonio from Italy and I'm a cosplayer since 2008 :) Facebook: Website: DeviantArt: Youtube: Cure:
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    Hello, there! My name is Sofía and i´m chilean 15 years old Potterhead <3 forever League of Legends
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    안녕하세요, 나비캐롤 이라고 합니다 :) Hi, i`m Korean costumeplayer NABICAROL:) こんにちは, Nabicarol(ナビキャロル)と申します。 I love EVA, jojo, LOL <3 ▼ CONTACT ▼ Twitter ☞ Mail ☞
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    ❀Facebook : ❀專頁: ❀巴哈:
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    Hello,我是葵葵子 :D 剛用WC還不太會用 wwwwwwwwwwwwww FB:
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    Name: Unik Age: 19 Started Cosplaying: May 2014 Facebook Account: hi~nice to meet you guys... :)
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    Cure No. 308780 안녕하세요! 어우 뭐 쓸말이없어 그냥 잘지냅시다 핫!!챠!! はじめまして。シアともうします。 よろしくおねがいいたします。 vocaloidとか、いぬぼくとか、可愛い乙女が出ることが好きです。 韓国語以外にはちょっと下手なので理解してください^^!
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    Zero / BINo line ID zrzero costume Order Cure No.257023
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    Hello! I'm kirie, Cosplayer,Photographer,Gamer. English OK! Japanese OK! Chinese OK! Let's be friends ~(・ω・)~ 【Twitter】: 【Facebook】: 【dA】: 【Cure】:
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    I am a cosplayer! Welcome to be my friend(●´ω`●)ゞテレ 我是人渣雪w。 我的Cos大多都是圍繞著Pokemon和LOL等的GAME。 歡迎加我討論/研究Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψケケケ ♥like:Pokemon﹑LOL﹑WAC ♥Blog: ♥Facebook: ♥Weibo: