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LoneWolfcoser (LoneWolf)
United States
  • United States
    My name is Meng Ai. I am Filipino-American. I love anime, manga, and video games. Nice to meet you all! ♡ MENG AIです。 フィリピンアメリカン人です。 アニメと漫画とビデオゲームがすきです。 よろしくお願いします!♡ ■Website: ■Blog: ■Instagram: ■Facebook: ■CureID: 375420 ■E-mail:
  • Gz
    South Korea
    이곳은 입문사진사를 꿈꾸는 정체불명의 Gz의 포토앨범입니다. 코스튬플레이 사진뿐만 아니라 다양한 컨셉사진이나 사복촬영 관련 사진이 올라올 수 있음을 알려드립니다. 모든 사진에는 저작권이 있으니 불법 사용을 금지합니다. 감사합니다. (--)(__)(--) This is a photo album of the beginner photographer unidentified Gz. Cosplay photos, Concept photos will be uploaded. The copyright for all pictures is prevents unauthorized use. Thank you. (--)(__)(--)
  • Brazil
    I'm a nice girl, mega and well amigaevel I cosplay des 2011, but the officers were the same 2014 I am noted in the area and what I love most do, is of the Anzu Mazaki (yugioh) I love her very much and adimiro, especially when this side of the yami yugi <3 other Shippos! but love making others too, like Lucy heartifilia * - * Well .... this so I> < Warning: my cosplayres are not good kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • Hong Kong
    Hello~ I'm Little Flower, a cosplayer from HK. Nice to meet you^^~ 大家好,我叫小花,請多多指教! This is my facebook page. Please give me a LIKE if you like me////// 這是我的個人專頁,如果可以請給我一個讚吧XD
  • South Korea
    남부권코스어 유혜연 팔로우 환영합니다! Hello XD South Korea Cosplayer 'Hyeun' Thank you for visiting my page! Favorite game - Cyphers Favorite anime - Sword Art Online Cosplaying since 2013 Dec. 22nd twitter @Kirito_Hyeun Kakaostory onlykito
  • Mexico
    Hello World! :D My name is Keyla and i Love Cosplay! n3n Im Mexican Cosplayer nDn Thanks for your visits and likes :3 that makes me happy :D!, i'll do my best n0n! *Facebook:*
  • Indonesia
    Hi , My name Naka. I came from Indonesia , And This Is My Profile. I like to read light novel of Sword Art Online , anime of Sword Art online. And , all my submission is SAO too ^^. I like to cosplaying as Kirigaya Kazuto / Kirito. And the others character. Follow My Facebook and Twitter guys. ^^ Facebook : Twitter : @_nakashimakun LINE : nakanyuu Thanks for your like and see my submission , minna - san. ^^
  • Japan
    はじめまして ルゥーと申します^^ archive・: (303047) @ruxu10
  • Viet Nam
    - My Facebook: - Email: - Tumblr: - Otaku Mode: - Gmail: - My Page: - Cure No : 353654 - Weibo:
  • Taiwan
    基本上出沒在噗浪,可以說是天天24H泡在上面,找我的話私噗給我比較快。 此處為預定 噗浪帳號:f347781 天空基本上長年放置,一張Cos照都沒有。
  • Taiwan
  • South Korea
    코스어 라쿤입니다. Hello :) 사이퍼즈 롤 러브라이브 닥터후
  • Philippines
    I am Jen Hime Im a cosplayer from the Philippines. Been cosplaying for quite a few years now (Started 2007). My interests and likes are: ♬ cosplay ♬ photography ♬ kpop / Jpop ♬ cute stuff ♬ pink haired and cute characters ♬ chocolates ♬ hugs Thanks for viewing my profile / following and hope to be friends with other cosplayers around the world. (。’▽’。)♡
  • Indonesia
    I'm just a girl~ with an interesting hobby~ I'm not Perfect~ but I'm Limited Edition~ Would love to meet new friends here~<3 Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~
  • Taiwan
    plurk: 粉專簡址:
  • Japan
    Welcome to my account ^o^ I just started here just now, All my pictures currently were all trials but it takes time for improvement :D Nice to meet ya!! <3 All are old pictures T.T I'll try to keep up and improve more :D 私のアカウントへようこそ^ O^ 私はちょうど、ちょうど今ここに開始されたすべての私の写真は、現在すべての試験であったが、それは改善に時間がかかる:Dよろしくを! <3 Hoping to be friends with you all >(^O^)< Meanwhile pls like our page: