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United Kingdom
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  • Japan
    Nice to meet you~^^ Call me Nuekichi or Nunu! ArchiveID:321540 twitter:nu_armin02
  • Emi
    United Kingdom
    Hi! I'm Emi! I started cosplaying in 2008 with little to no knowledge of sewing whatsoever - several years on I'm not that much better XD; --- but I enjoy being able to cosplay my favourite characters *w* ✩ WCS rep for Team UK 2014 ~! ✩ CCCC rep for Team UK 2015 ~! 「CosplayIsland」 「DeviantArt」 「Facebook」
  • United Kingdom
    DeviantArt: Cosplay Island: Tumblr:
  • United Kingdom
    Hi im Jenn from Manchester I've been cosplaying for a few years I'd say properly since around 2010. I buy and make my own and I'm still learning~ ★ Anime/Manga; Yazawa, Shoujo, CLAMP, ShonenJump series etc etc the list never ends ★ Gaming; {ATLUS! <3 Blazblue, Tales series, Guilty Gear} ★ Comics {Marvel, DC, Scott Pilgrim} ★ Friends {仲間 <3} 【Deviantart】 【CosplayIsland】
  • United Kingdom
    Name: Jake Location: England Age: 20 Cosplaying Since: 2007 Why?: Generally since i started at my first expo all the way back in 2007 i saw so many cosplays and i had to join in because it looked so much fun!!! And years passed on and on and yeah. Here i am!!!
  • United Kingdom
    Hello, I'm Ashley, Out of cosplay. I'm a student previously graduated and passed my A levels/National Diploma in fashion and textiles and now studying Animation. My ambitions are to Open my own clothing store or become an animator in advertising or other. ^^ You can find me at. |Coslayisland| |deviantart| |Tumblr|
  • Denmark
    Hi peops! I'm Adlez-Axel, born 1990, and fascinated by video games, drawing and cosplay! I started cosplaying back in 2007. I take really good time with my cosplays and I only make about four a year. Here's other places to find me: --- website : dA : : Facebook :
  • Brazil
    Hey guys, welcome to my page! I'm a brazilian cosplayer and designer. I really hope you enjoy my work! ♥ See ya around here >U< Gimme some love:
  • United Kingdom
    Hi there, I'm Sj. I first started cosplaying in 2005 and have never stopped loving it! I have cosplayed at several events throughout the UK and have been lucky enough to have hostel panels and judged cosplay events also. I previously worked with the MCM Expo team moderating their forums and currently work with CosplayIsland as a staff member. Other places to find me; Deviantart: Facebook:
  • United States
    Hello! I'm Li and I live in the USA, but I'm originally from Hungary, Europe. I started making costumes in 1998 and I make all of my costumes myself. ゼルダの伝説は私の好みのゲームシリーズであるが、私のコスプレのほとんどは任天堂およびゼルダの伝説のゲームに基づいている。 ★ ★ ★ ★