Skeyth (Skeyth)
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    在下是雪兒凜子是也 大家好,我係來自香港的Cosplayer的雪兒凜子,雖然是個動漫宅女,由8月開始沉迷Cosplay 到現在,我主要的工作是同人插畫丶電玩和Cosplay,請大家多多指教和喜歡我的Cos作品!我的目標是加入9RUSH及V-porject 的組合及和9RUSH及V-porject站在同一個舞台。 中文:雪兒凜子 英文:Ciel Rinko 職業:高校生 Cosplay歷:1年未滿 電玩歷:10年 喜愛的動漫:月歌丶刀剣乱舞丶歌之王子殿下丶B-project丶lovelive 丶偶像大師丶Yuri on ice 丶彈丸論破丶文豪野犬 喜愛的動漫角色:師走驅丶七海千秋丶矢澤妮可丶尤里丶中島敦丶來栖翔 Facebook: 雪兒凜子Ciel凜子Cosplayer粉絲專頁:
  • Indonesia
    Hello! I love arts, cosplay, dolls, violin, and Mio Akiyama lol. Cosplaying since Sunday, August 28 2011 Nice to meet you I would like to have a new friends~ [Curecos] [] [Facebook] [Instagram] @crimston_c
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  • Italy
    Hi everyone! I'm a cosplayer sice 2014, I'm Italian and I'm here to share my passion with you :) Let's follow each other :) FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: DEVIANTART: Buy my t-shirts:
  • Viet Nam
    I'm Alzio Salvatore or Ichigo Daifuku or you can simply call me Strawberry :D. I am a cosplayer from Vietnam. My hobbies are playing games, watching anime, reading manga, novels and fanfiction; they are my inspiration to cosplay. Currently, I'm interested in cosplaying games such as JX3, Touken Ranbu, Kantai Collection, etc. I'm also a tarot reader and esport player. Let be friends :D Facebook: Email:
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    hi myname is aoiusagi i'm koreajapanes
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    閲覧ありがとうございます♡ ゆるく活動しています、うめと申します。 コスプレを通してたくさんの方と交流できたらと思います(о´∀`о) アーカイブ@261429 ツイッター@ume_cos0521 よろしくお願いします!
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    hii im nanaa a cosolayer from the Netherlands. im also a maid, model and fashion maker. follow me on fb or insta fb; insta; kawaiikittynanaa ❤️
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    My name is Tenevi Hagane but you can call me Ten. I'm russian cosplayer and also the leader of the cosband "VixenS". And I'm glad to be here)) Please feel free to look around)
  • United States
    Female 🎀 24 years old ⭐ USA 🇱🇷 Hello! I'm Dara (ㆁᴗㆁ✿) I am an amateur cosplayer! ⭐ Kantai Collection ⭐ Vocaloid ⭐ Love Live
  • United States
    I don't have time to create costumes of my own and am more interested in modeling. Any feedback in this area would be appreciated!
  • Thailand
    hello :) Let me introduced myself my name is Bussakorn surname is Sukprasit nickname is Neung(หนึ่ง) Namecosplay is ijiko I am 19 year old I’m from Thailand ^____^ My favorite color is pink My favorite food is sushi spaghetti and Thai food My hobby is cosplay singing and drawing I love cosplay <3
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    Welcome minna I am a cosplayer from Myanmar. I started doing cosplay since Augest 2016. Luv you everyone. I'm still trying my best. *Facebook* : Yeollie Saki Momo *Instagram* : sakichan277 *Wechat*: hunyl27 *Cosplay* : shirasaki27 *Twitter* @Sakichan2772 ありがとうございました. :)
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    Hi`(*∩_∩*)′ I'm crystal~ 😊 I'm from Malaysia Yoroshiku onegaishimas ٩(๑~▽~๑)۶ I started cosplay since 2012 Loves manga, anime, k-pop ♡♡♡ Nice to meet you ♥♥♥ Hope to get along with you wwwww Have a very nice day (*^3^)/~♡ Facebook : Crystal chii Instagram: crystal_chii