Lady Shu (Lady Shu)
  • Sky
    Hey, I'm Sky and well, what should I write? Ähm....I cosplay relatively regularly since 2013, and I think it is the best hobby that you can have. You can also visit my Facebook page: I am currently working on my Kurumi (Date a live) Cosplay
  • China
  • Thailand
    Hi! I'm Ude Miwa You can call Miwa/Miw/Mimiw or whatever you like * w * I'm from Thailand. and I'm a fandubber. Nice to meet you all XD My FB page : My Twitter : My YT Channel :
  • Argentina
    Hello, I'm Romina a cosplayer from Argentina! ^_^ I started to cosplay at 2003. My first convention was the Otaku summit where I cosplayed as Sakura from Card Captor Sakura. I like to share my cosplay passion with all the cosplayers i can. Fanpage: Cosplay & blog site: Cure: Deviantart:
  • New Zealand
    I cos I play, I add Lucy into Fanta_sy Cosplay since Nov 2013 Deviantart: Facebook:
  • Taiwan
    大家好我是呆甄ヾ(○゜▽゜○) 還算個新手w 請大家多多指教!! 目前只出凜凜蝶這個角色d(ゝc_,・*)b FB: PLURK: TWITTER: ヾ(●´Å`)【♬нёιιο♬】(´Å`●)シ
  • Lithuania
    Hey Everyone!! My name is Caroline but you can call me Akade ^^ I'm cosplayer from Lithuania and hope you will like my works <3 My Facebook page: Deviantart: Instagram: @kraidxkade
  • Taiwan
    你好~我叫ZouSan (象象) ●噗浪● ●天空● ●粉專● ((最近創的
  • Germany
    Hello! (: My name is Anni and I'm a german cosplayer since 2010 My Facebook page:
  • Russia
  • Su
    Hi~ My name is Su. I'm a cosplayer from Taiwan!! Love animations & comics, also a big fan of VOCALOID Thank you for visiting my site^_^ I'm looking forward to meet some Cosplayers from other cuntries So if you don't mind making friends with me, please give me a message. Hope that we can become friends of Cosplay & Anime!!! Here are some websites you can find me: *Plurk: *Facebook:
  • Malaysia
    Hello =)
  • Kai
    Hello, welcome to my page! I'm kaishi, a cosplayer from sunny singapore! Hope you enjoy my cosplays~ (ノ*゜▽゜*) Facebook: Twitter: Cure:
  • Italy
  • Ukraine
  • Philippines
    Hi everyone! I'm Aldrich from the Philippines. Nice to meet you all! I started cosplaying last August 2013 and I'm looking forward to learn more and improve as I continue with my cosplays. I would also like to meet more cosplay friends to serve as my inspiration and strive to do better. Please feel free to visit my other pages thank you! :) ★ Facebook: ★ DeviantArt: