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  • Spain
    ¡Hello! I'm Alisyuon, nice to meet you~ I've been doing cosplay for 3 years and I want to see what things I can do. If you want to know more about me, just visit the link below:
  • Hong Kong
    這邊是天星 /Tony 香港coser一名 請多多指教 My name is Star /Tony. I am a Hong Kong coser.
  • Ukraine
    Hi There ! I'm cosplayer from Ukraine. I love Japan and all related to it <3 And someday I hope to come to this wonderful country *^* I would be glad if you like my works. Other links: [instagram] - [Deviant Art] -
  • Ukraine
    Hello, I'm cosplayer from UA, Nickname: Dolly Rock INSTAGRAM - DEVIANT ART -
  • Germany
    German Cosplayer & Photographer/  17 years old /  cosplay-beginner  /  mostly crossdressing My favourite cosplay at the moment: Sei Seragaki [DRAMAtical Murder] Newest cosplay: Shiemi Moriyami [Ao no Exorcist]
  • Viet Nam
    Hi , I'm Pư <3 Nice to meet you My real name is Nguyễn Ngọc Bảo Trâm ( Kecchapu-kun ) and I'm from Việt Nam <3 My facebook : Love yewwww <333333
  • Romania
  • Viet Nam
    ♥♥♥ Cheep cheep~ (。 ◕‿◕。) We're Vietnamese Cosplayer! Nice to meet you! (。'▽'。)♡ ♥ Chirpy (Kê) ❀ FB: ❀ Instagram: ❀ Tumblr: ♥ Light (Kuro) ❀ FB: (❁´▽`❁) Thank you for spending time with us! ヾ(≧з≦)ゞ
  • Netherlands
    Facebook; Skype;
  • Japan
    Thank you look at the profile. I like cute clothes. And I also want to be cute. Cute things will heal my heart.We will be happy mood. Wearing my favorite clothes and take a photo. I almost shot the picture in my room. Time to take a picture I am very fun. That time will guide me to a different personality. My Web site Another site
  • Russia
  • Thailand
  • Germany
    Name's Liu :P, enthusiastic cosplayer, mainly aot-addicted, sixteen years old, likes trees, also some call me a Chibi and won't stop. Tumblr: or Instagram: YouTube:
  • Russia
  • Viet Nam
  • Malaysia
    Hi ~ I'm Tia, a beginner coser from Malaysia XDD Feel free to give any comments ^^ I'll take it as a way to improve my cosplays >_< (Btw I haven't even started a photoshoot , just posting this for fun XP) 大家好 ~ ♀泪丫是马奶虾C圈菜鸟等级的coser一只◆◆属性是M (⊙o⊙)?◆◆泪丫很欢迎大家的批评哦◆◆有批评才有进步嘛♥ (所以说照片在哪里T.T) Thank You ★ 谢谢 ★ ありがとう ★ Спасибо ★ Grazie ★ Merci ★ Danke ★ 감사합니다 ★ Terima kasih ★ ขอบคุณ ★ Cám ơn (●'◡'●)