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Kitty Karlson (Mallory P)
United States
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  • United States
    I'm 26 and a mother of one. I am a plus-size cosplayer, if u have issues with that im sorry for you. I love cosplay I've been doing it since June of 2009. My daughter has begun cosplaying! So expect pictures of both of us.
  • United States
    Name: Jen Alias: Kira Elric/ KamuiYamato Age: 27 Birthday: Jan 23rd, 1988 Cosplaying since: 2000. Next Convention: ??? Currently Working on: Luke Fon Fabre - Viscount Yuri Lowell - True Knight Lana - Hyrule Warriors - Http://
  • United States
    Hi! I'm Andrea. I've been cosplaying since 2002 and I make my own costumes! Nice to meet you <3 I love Anime, games, music, and animals. 始めまして~ アンドレイアです。 アニメとビデオゲームが大好きです。 あたしのコスプレイが自分で作ります。 Facebook - DA - CURE- ACP -
  • Spain
    Hi! My name is Shiva Roodels and I'm a cosplayer from Spain. I love the world of the cosplay and meeting new people! Nice to meet you!. Thank you for visiting my profile and looking at my photos! Facebook: Blog: DeviantART: Twitter:
  • United States
    An Arizona cosplay group. We cosplay from various series including Kingdom Hearts, Kuroshitsuji, Naruto, Soul Eater, and much more! We are friends, a family who are in this for fun and who knows, maybe we'll be out there someday! We have many video and photoshoot ideas in the making. Stay tuned to see what we bring out! These are our members: Dennasaur-Rawr, Leidie, Amarasama, Fell--Larka, Launchpad-McQuack
  • Taiwan
    Hi ! My name is Ashi from Taiwan 8059|Library War圖書館戰爭|有川浩 十二國記|降世神通|HFO|排球 - Find Me Here
  • Austria
    Hey there =D I'm Bella Thank you all for the favourites and for following me <3 for more informations you can find me here: instagram: BellaHime and my contact mail: languages: english and german
  • United States
    Midwest area cosplayer since 2009
  • United States
    I'm 200 feet tall and made of iron
  • United States
    Heya! I'm a cosplayer from the Washington D.C. area, originally from the midwest. I've been cosplaying since Youmacon 2009 in Detroit, MI. I'm working hard to improve my skills to make my cosplaying better! Thank you for viewing my page! <3 Find me at these places!
  • United States
    Hi, I've been sewing since I started going to renaissance faires around 2005. It wasn't until I went to my first convention in 2007 that I started making costumes more frequently. For those interested, you can also find me here:
  • United States
    Hi! Thanks for stopping by my page. I'm Artemis Moon and I've been cosplaying for about 5 years now. I truly enjoy this hobby and it's a nice get a away from the busyness of work. deviantart: tumblr:
  • United States
    Hi there! Midwest cosplayer here. If you're interested in following me elsewhere, iyou can find me at,, or! a link to my cosplay facebook page is under the info section of my personal facebook, but since i can only link my personal, if you want to follow me on facebook, please like my page instead!
  • Finland
    よ!エルッフィです!WCS2011(世界コスプレサミット)フィンランド代表チームの一名だよ. よろしく! コスプレの全部は自分で作る!日本語は三年間ストックホルム大学で勉強して、英語より日本語が好きだ。 背が高い(190cm)のでコスプレをするのは時々難しいの (>_>)" 日本の友達が作りたいので、FBとかツイッターで会おうぜ! ツイッター: I'm Elffi, a Finnish male cosplayer! I was in the WCS (World Cosplay Summit) Team Finland 2011! ENG/FI/JPN Facebook: Contact and booking:
  • Brazil
    Hi! I'm Yuki, I'm a brazilian cosplayer and I've been cosplaying for over 10 years. Brazilian representative of the WCS 2007, contestant and judge in several cosplay contests in my country and around the world. :) I love making my own costumes, photoshoots and makeup!
  • Japan
    2007年12月29日にコスデビュー☆ コス歴6年、オタク歴30年以上v 現在までにコスプレした作品(全24作品) ONEPIECE /BLEACH /REBORN! /D.Gray-man /テガミバチ /DOGS /ZONE-00 /VOCALOID /FINALFANTASYⅦ-AC- /マクロスF /コードギアスR2 /薄桜鬼 /Lamento /The CHiRAL Night /ラッキードッグ1 /K /BLAZBLUE /鬼灯の冷徹 /カードファイト!!ヴァンガード etc... ■関連サイト Cure: Archive: Twitter: NicoNico: 新浪微博Weibo: