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蘑菇 きのこ (Kinoko)
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  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
  • Malaysia
    Hey everyone,Kuro here. :D I'm a newbie coser from Malaysia,yoroshikun onegaishimasu! 大家好~这里是渣渣新手一枚~在下是Kuro~也可以叫我小星///// 请大家多多指教哦///// Minna-san konnichiwa,Kuro des >< yoroshikunne >///<
  • Malaysia
    MINA~你们好~ 这里是饭团onigiri 是个马来西亚新手,有什么不好也请各位多多指教>< 这里是腐女一位 本命是兵长和初音w 喜欢的偶像是AKB48,最喜欢的成员是娘娘 那么各位多多指教
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
    Hi to all Cosplayer out there :) My real name is jarryd I'm a real tennis player here in our country Philippines Follow me also here in my Cosplay world tnx.
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
    我是小姬哦~~~! 请大家多多指教哦~♡♡ 也希望大家玩的开心哦~><
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Spain
    Hey! :3 Mi name is Ringo, means apple, and I love cosplays,animals,watermelon and others fruits, mint, Iberian lynx, anime/maga and badmiton. Blog: Youtube: facebook: DA: CC:
  • Viet Nam
  • Italy
    Hello, hello, very nice to meet you! I'm an Italian cosplayer (Since 2012) I hope my cosplay are to your liking has i thank you to those who visit my profile, who commented and those who follow him! You are very kind and sweet! This is my DeviantArt, for more photos!: This is my Ask for any question!:
  • Taiwan
    Hello everyone .I am from Taiwan. I have 2 years making cosplay. I love Anime: 家庭教師HITMAN REBORN!、TUBASA -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-、火影忍者、Black Rock Shoote......more. Nice to me you. 始めまして わたしは 夏目式 です。どうぞ よろしく おねがいします。 哈瞜!我是來自台灣中部的新手COSER,叫我小羽就可以了,目前COS齡2年,希望能認識更多人,3Q Cosplayer:夏目式 FB FanPage: ASK:
  • China