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    Hello humans I´m Lozamded
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    Hi! I'm Khanh Nguyen. I very like cosplayer but I dont cosplay :)
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    I'm a Prop Maker, Gundam Builder, Graphic Designer, Events Photographer
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    みんなさんこんにちは~♥ I'm a Stubborn Ninetales called Sherylin! (≧ ω ≦) hope you'll like my cosplay-works ♡˖( ˃ ᆺ ˂ )˖♡ This is My Official : ♥【FB-Page】 ♥【Twitter】 ♥【Tumblr】 ♥【Instagram】
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    hello beautiful soul, if you want more information about the illuminati organization read the posts on facebook page "i will be illuminated"thanks for accepting my friend request,
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