Soubiikey (Christine)
  • United Kingdom
    Hi my name is Katie Thorpe, I like to be known as keeli-Chan if you like to call me that. I have been cosplaying since 2011. My first Cosplay wasTenma Tsukamoto from School Rumble. I like to attend comic cons and events such as MCM Manchester Expo, Pay Expo and Doki Doki Festival. There are others I wish to attend to if it depends on travel costs and how to get there.
  • France
    Mediaproduction France, jeune entrepreneur dans le domaine de l"audiovisuel et fan du monde du Cosplays. Présent dans la plupart de convention, festival, ... Français
  • Japan
    I'm eposhiki, an amateur modeler. I was a dealership of animation figure events, such as Wonder festival. My works are following: Twitter:
  • United Kingdom
    Hiyaa! I'm Effy and i'm from London. I'm a cosplayer and I got to MCM Fringe Festival in May and October at the Excel Centre :3
  • India
    I'm a cosplayer from India. I love doing anime cosplays of my favorite characters. I started in 2012 and you can see me at Cool Japan Festival and Mumbai Comic Con every year. Drop by and say hi on or follow me on
  • Viet Nam
    Hello everybody!~ I'm Tamu. In the summer, I be going to the Festival Natsu in Hanoi. I hope people will welcome me!^^
  • Indonesia
    Hello! I'm a newbie cosplayer from Indonesia (2014) & love to do lot of costreet in the future. Interested with crossdress & kamen cosplay (but not confidence with my body size) Award: 3rd place costreet winner at Kizaru Festival 3 (20 April 2014) You can find me here too: • page: • IG: • twitter: • email:
  • Switzerland
    Otaku Festival mastermind and the leader of a cosplay group "Shi-Tennou".
  • Italy
    Hi! ^^ I'm Giulia, an Italian cosplayer from Rome. I'm 20 and I work as freelance Make-up Artist. 💋❤️💄🎨 Facebook: Instagram: JulietMUA
  • Viet Nam
    I'm not really a cosplayer. Sometimes I go to the festival and cos. Not really beautiful but...just for fun. But someday, I think I will try to be a professional cosplayer. Yep, I hope so ^^
  • Viet Nam
    Hello everyone :3 I'm a cosplayer from Vietnam =3= Just started cosplaying.. I still have to trying harder.... Anyway, hope you enjoy my work!!
  • Myanmar
    Hi, I'm Nay Aung Latt! I cosplay for the first time at Singapore - Anime Festival Asia 2011 (as Keima from TWGOK) and had been cosplaying ever since. I own a video game shop and an anime/hobby shop + host a weekly video game show for local TV network. I also love to collect Anime figures and help out with hosting Cosplay events in Myanmar - Comic Party events etc., Facebook (You can find videos for local cosplay events as well) >
  • India
    Greetings!! I'm a software developer based in Bangalore, India, who loves anime. I have cosplayed for the following events so far - Kankuro for The Cosplay Workshop, India, organized in July 2014 ( First runner up award winner), Hei (BlackReaper/BK-201) for Bangalore Comic Con 2014, Zaraki Kenpachi for Bangalore Comic Con 2015 and 2016 & Onime no Kyo for Video Game Festival, Bangalore, 2015.
  • Romania
    Hi.I'm JaguTG. I am a romanian cosplayer who started cosplaying in 2011 My first cosplay was a simple shinigami My second cosplay was kurosaki ichigo At otaku festival 2013 got 1st place at group representations as Apollo(Genesis of Aquarion) At Himawari Cosplay 2015 i won the 1st place with my Dragonborn Cosplay My Cosplay page on Facebook-
  • South Korea
    Republic Of Korea now costume playing : POLiCE Officer concept in CLOSERS ONLINE Concept Costume GAME, SWAT, Action, Movie, Police concept EXtra, ETC. 20대 코스어 현재는 클로저스 온라인에 빠져있습니다! SDC 특경대원 테마로 팀코중입니다. 영상,서코를 위주로 활동합니다~ 게임이나 영화등의 매체에 등장하는 해외 및 컨셉 SWAT 캐릭터나 경찰캐릭터 코스프레를 주로 합니다. 종종 다른 촬영에 병풍으로 자주 참여하게 됩니다. (-▽-) 잘부탁드려요 ㅎ (2015) (BLOG)-Korean E-mail : Photo, UCC film, Festival, comic world.
  • Denmark
    Hello everyone~ My name is Josefine but I use the nickname Yoshu xD I'm a cosplayer from Denmark and have been cosplaying since 2007~ - Part of World Cosplay Summit Team Denmark 2012 - Denmark Solo for European Cosplay Gathering 2013 - Denmark group for China International Cartoon and Animation Festival DeviantArt: Facebook: Yoshu Cosplay