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    コスプレを見る 素晴らしい
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    Hello, I cosplay since 2009. My mother language is Russian, because I was born in Ukraine, but after I turned 13 my family moved to Germany. I speak both languages fluently. My nickname means "small marzipan cake" because I love sweets and look like I do xD. All of my costumes are selfmade because I love sewing as well, but crafting props or covering shoes is my weak point, so if i wear some, they are propably bought. I really like sewing and wearing kimonos but i make them easy to wear.
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    Cosplayer,Photographer, Hobbyist, Aircraft Mechanic, Planning to be a Pilot. fan of some games and some anime.
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    22살 코스어 군대에 복무중 전역후 코스프레 할 예정! 원피스 사보 참모총장 일곱개의 대죄 메리오다스
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    Just a Peach
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