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    Hello I'm Momophoto, and thank you so much for visiting my profile. I'm a danish cosplayer and I have been doing so since 2010, and I've have recently picked up on being a photographer and editor as well. Feel free to have a look around, and once again thank you for visiting ^^ tumblr -
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    Hi, im Johannes, a cosplayer from Frankfurt, Germany. Im into cosplay since 2012, mainly doing videogames costumes (unfortunately not having a lot of spare time, so im kind of slow with my Projects but well...). Nice to meet you anyway and im glad you stopped by! Facebook:
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    Hi, Im Shin Shin cosplayer from the Philippines and ive been almost 4 years in this hobby. My favorite anime of all time is GINTAMA <3 so, expect more gintama cosplays on meeee with my friends (^-^)> GINTAMA.GINTAMA.GINTAMA. GINTAMA.GINTAMA.GINTAMA. GINTAMA.GINTAMA.GINTAMA. GINTAMA.GINTAMA.GINTAMA. LOVELIVE.LOVELIVE.LOVELIVE LOVELIVE.LOVELIVE.LOVELIVE LOVELIVE.LOVELIVE.LOVELIVE LOVELIVE.LOVELIVE.LOVELIVE