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United States
Though we may be from different countries and speak different languages cosplay speaks to us universally ^^

I've cosplayed for many years, met many wonderful people and got to see lots of new places. It has been a wonderfully rewarding experience for me. It would be really neat to travel abroad to experience cosplay in other countries.

If your curious on how I go about making my cosplay be sure to check out my cosplay facebook page
  • Gender Female
  • CountryUnited States of America
  • Birthday 12/17
  • Halcyon
  • Jack Daniel
  • TimeKing
  • Abby
  • Gin
  • monjii
  • Becca
  • SirShiroyasha
  • 石田 龍之介
  • Saya
  • Ju-Ann
  • Kaoru
  • bern
  • TimeKing
  • Nadaviana
  • Gin
  • Becca
  • SirShiroyasha
  • Russia
  • 億田蒼
  • 네타
  • Ron Rocker
  • FMJ
  • ジョナサン·マルケス
  • Coral and Stormie
  •  マルケス ヨナタン