Fox Gloves (FoxGloves)
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  • Ali
    United States
    Hello! I'm Ali. I live in the U.S. (Los Angeles, now) and absolutely adore the cosplay community. I was part of the 2011 U.S. team in the World Cosplay Summit, which helped to fuel a desire to meet more cosplayers from around the globe. I love meeting new people, and really enjoy "talking shop" and sharing techniques! I make all of my costumes, and will gladly answer questions about any of them! Be sure to check out Fox Gloves Cosplay for the work I do with my partner, Ashe!
  • United States
    Hi, my name is Ashe and I'm a cosplayer from the United States. I was an American representative to WCS in 2011. I love talking about different ways to make costumes, so if you want to know how I did something please ask! My favorite shows right now are Madoka, Penguindrim, Code Geass, and Avatar. You can find more of my costumes at: or at: