Ero-Sennin (Mozart Mikael)
Dominican Republic
I am Mozart, but sometime i like people call me Ero-Sennin or Steins Heart because i think it's funny and i really like those nicks. I'm a good person. I really like to meet people who likes these things. For now... i just made two Cosplays but i think that i'll be doing more and more, LoL. Don't be afraid of be my friend cause for me all of you are awesome, hihi. :3

All the cosplays got some help from other hands but, most of the parts in them were made by myself. ;3
  • WorldCosplay No.57755
  • NicknameEro-Sennin
  • Gender Male
  • Country/RegionRepública Dominicana
  • Valliere
  • 旭子
  • Michelle
  • 尤三
  • 繭
  • 牧加
  • Nee Mikhael
  • Kipi
  • 布丁泥
  • 水云漪EсHΟ
  • 夜蝶
  • 桜のぁ
  • Fariko
  • Juns
  • Hashi
  • Ronny Kings
  • Yerry Batista
  • Kira
  • AleChan
  • ハッピーライフ
  • Elizabeth Indoy
  • Michelle
  • Umi Kani
  • JorgeOcampo
  • 桜のぁ
  • Argeneva