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  • United States
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  • Canada
    I'm new at this, so hopefully I will make some great cosplay in the future 私は日本人とフランス人です! 日本語を話す! Height: 6"0 Weight: 165 Eye Color: Hazel Nationality: Japanese + French
  • United States
    Hello! My name is Crissy and I am a cosplayer from Arizona!! I am currently pursuing a Master's in social work for public administration and community to provide the world with my contribution to assist the oppressed and the vulnerable.
  • Chile
    HI! My name is Golondrina (yep, that's my REAL name) I am a beginner cosplayer from Chile <3 Hope you like my cosplay *¬* FUTURES COSPLAYS: *HOSHIZORA RIN (LOVE WING BELL VERSION) 29/08/2015
  • Chile
    hi ! I'm Kuyen! English Pedagogy student cosmaker and cosplayer ;D turttle lover Dog lover Comic lover Hanna Barbera Fans *.:。✿*゚¨ ✿ cosplays are made by a fan for others fans ✿*゚¨・✿.。.:*
  • Chile
    Let see.... - Cosplayer Photographer - You can see more works here: and If you are from chile and want a photoshoot contact me at: (or hey, if you are from another country...why not!?)
  • Chile
    Hello!~ ♡ 17 years old & Student ♥ Welcome to my WorldCosplay ´ ▽ ` )ノ *:・゚✧☆♥ Please enjoy it~ ( ^▽^)♥ Tumblr: DeviantART: FanPage:
  • Chile
    Hi im Paz! Im a total anime fan <3. I love Animals , makeup , nature, nu metal (aggro), naruto <3 , horror movies , zelda <3. And im sort kind of science geek ( medicine is a beautiful art for me). . I do cosplay not for making " gorgeous costumes" y do it because my love to characters and try to represent them the best way possible <3
  • Chile
  • Chile
    Hi, I'm a new chilean cosplayer. I'm 14 years old. I began with the cosplay on January of 2014. - - - - - - Facebook:
  • Germany
    I´m a super rare green squalid form of life who likes anime, videogames, manga and many things. You can go to my pages if you want to know about me and share ~wellcome guys~
  • Chile
    Soy una cosplayer de Chile y espero conocer cosplayer de todas partes. 1° Me encanta One Piece y amo a Trafalgar Law 2° Me encanta Ao no exorcist y amo a Mephisto y Amaimon x)
  • Spain
    Hello! I'm a spanish cosplayer! You can also follow me in DeviantArt: And Tumblr: Interview by Tina-Jack (In spanish):
  • China
    Hello~We are Baozi & Hana~We are Chinese but studying in Singapore now~ Thank you for your love and follow~~=3=~~~ 【Weibo】 【FB】 【Twitter】 【Email】
  • Chile
    Hey everyone , My name is Ren (or RenZ) and I'm a beginner in cosplay uvu I hope to become much better as I go along with practice. I really like fantasy and horror genres , and I really like cosplaying from video games *v* (As well as vocaloid) I can speak english,spanish and read/write/speak a moderate amount of japanese, so don't hesitate to contact me. Right now the events I regularly attend to are: Comic Con Chile, Anime Expo (Evolution) Chile.