Cytheria Li
United States
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    Hi :3 I'm Chriszy and an Austrian Cosplayer :3 I really love cosplay and anime <3 I may be not a very good cosplayer, but I do my best and the most important thing to me is that I have fun with everything I Do :* :3 My favorite animes are: Kuroko no basuke Bleach Mirai Nikki K Shingeki no kyojin Kaichou wa Maid sama Seikon no Qwaser Hetalia Kuroshitsuji Soul Eater
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    こんにちは!私の名前はアルテア(ただしゆう私を呼び出すことができます)とイタリアのコスプレイヤーです。私は2012年にコスプレを始めた、と私はこの趣味が大好き!私は、衣装を作成愛し、私の好きなキャラクターを演じますが、すべてのほとんどは、私は私の友人との楽しみを持っているのが大好き!私は非常によくないんだけど、改善するために願っています!<3 > Website: ♪ Ask: ♪Facebook: 次 cos~ π :トビオ影山 (Haikyuu!) π: 徹及川(Haikyuu!) π:黒哲郎 (Haikyuu!) π:ハデスAidoneus (Kamigami No Asobi) π:硬派REN (Magi: The Kingdom of Magic)
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    Hello everyone, i'm cosplayer from Malaysia. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Facebook link: Thanks you
  • Indonesia
    Halo ^^ I'm Cosplay From Indonesia (^o^)/ Twitter : Facebook : Nice to meet you (=^-^=)
  • Mexico
    por fa chequen mis trabajos gracias mi facebbok: correo: twitter: me encanta el cosplay amo en anime espero que me sigan chicos visiten mi pagina de facebook
  • Mexico
    hey !!!nice to meet you !!!! >w< i hope to be friends and i hope to like my beautifull hobbie =) i have 4 years old for that ************************* ********************************* ://
  • Australia
    Hi, I'm Neru. I do alot of cosplaying with my sister. I'll try and upload heaps of pics (。≖‿≖) Here are more places you can find me: draw cast: Erza_Scarlet
  • South Korea
  • Sas
    Hullo, nice to meet ya'. I'm a panamanian cosplayer who really likes the whole world of cosplay. I'm a cosmaker, a patient prop and craft maker, and graphic and fashion designer ♠♦♥♣ I hope I'll have enough life to remake some of my cosplays and do some I have in mind 〜heh, xD Lil by lil shall I add more cosplay pics o' mine. Hope you like them :'3 xoxo 〜American Cosplay Paradise: 〜
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    Hello, nice to meet you! I'm Rydia, a Spanish cosplayer and cosmaker. Love sewing, crafting things, swimming, painting & drawing, reading. Sleeping xD. Websites: