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キャラメル/翔奈 (SHONA SAKURAI)
Hong Kong
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  • Taiwan
    大家安安ヽ(・∀・)ノ 我叫咩咩(ゝ∀・) 如果喜歡我的COS 給我點支持(●’ω`●) 目前只COS過Yoshinoヽ(o’Д`o)ノ 之後還會有其他的ლ(・ω・ლ) ------------------------------------------------ Hello everyone ヽ (· ∀ ·) ノ My name is Mie mie (ゝ ∀ ·) If you like my COS give me some support (● 'ω` ●) COS currently only had Yoshino ヽ (o'Д`o)ノ Then there will be other ლ (· ω · ლ)
  • Malaysia
    Hello ^_^ Hello I'm cosplayer from malaysia and Now I'm live in indonesia I hope you like me and always support me ^_^ My official account ► Email : ► Facebook : ► Deviantart : ► Blog :
  • Taiwan
  • China
  • Hong Kong
    我想識Cosplay的朋友 有意請通知我 我的facebook是:
  • Belgium
    hi, welcome to my cosplay account. i'm a boy but i feel like and want to be a girl, therefore i will mostly upload crossplays here. feel free to add or contact me on fb :3 [FB cosplay page] have fun and see you, Nyan :3
  • Thailand
  • United States
  • Thailand
    Hello MY name is burin >.< cosplay name is loli kami >.< I like animetion and cosplay >.< My Facebook My page
  • Taiwan
    米那安~ 我是Iris唷 這是小女的FB: 專頁如下 兩個都有在經營喔 小女創專頁的原因都是希望能記下我cosplay的歷程 有不對之處也請麻煩告訴小女 謝謝~各位~ Hello my name is Iris. You have quick can go there-> and
  • Tonga
  • Hong Kong
    大家好~ 多多指教!Nami來自介一下喔ww ★Nami自2009年投身cosplay圈子~(老了_(:3/L)_ ★故希望藉此機會紀錄一下這些年的cos歷啦~ ★一直都堅持自己造服,希望盡力還原所有喜愛的角式>< ★希望大家多多支持喔ww <3 こんにちは~ I am Nami from Hong Kong. I love cosplay and always make costumes by myself. I'd like to share my cos since 2009^w^ Hope you like them and~~ Support \(>v^)/ よろしくお願いします!☆w☆ Facebook: Nami nami Please follow me on facebook for latest update( ^ω^ )
  • Indonesia
    dont forget who the person behind you ^^
  • China
    I name is diyu l love Love Live Accel World White Album 2,DATE A LIVE andそらのおとしもの microblog(微博):