Decade (Dustin Beadle)
United States
Hi~ I'm Dustin and as a cosplayer I go by Decade. If you haven't guessed already, I LOVE KAMEN RIDER!!
My goal is to make a suit that is screen accurate, easy to move in, and can replicate some Gimmicks some newer riders have. I Love to make new friends and share cosplay tips or talk about any kind of shows. So If you see a Tall Kamen Rider passing by, stop me and say hi!
  • WorldCosplay No.984
  • NicknameDecade
  • Gender Male
  • Country/RegionUnited States of America
  • Recca Ayumu
  • Yuki LeFay
  • Lyel
  • RAY
  • 叮当
  • Ren Itsuki
  • 假面蜀黍
  • G
  • R2J
  • 究極
  • Zero  Cheng
  • Wes
  • Raymond Loh
  • KnitChick
  • ハッピーライフ
  • Isamu Sichirou
  • Om Uzo
  • Slywolf22
  • wan
  • Lady Kitkat
  • Oniichan Dame
  • 永崎遼
  • Fushicho
  • kitho