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    Hi There~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Few info about me (〜≧∇≦)〜 Name: Gabi Gender: female Age: 21 From: Hungary Main hobby: cosplay ★Addicted to★ Johnny's Jrock Cosplay Japan /Anime / Manga Chocolate/ sweets Cats ♥ In love with ♥ Tamamori Yuta Nao(´┏_┓`) That's all ~ Byeee~~~~ -links-
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    I love Makoto!!! You can call me Mori
  • Thailand
    Facebook FB: Facebook page: WorldCosplay: ASK: Instagram: xlapislazulix
  • France
    Hello ! I'am a french cosplayer I love Anime , Cosplay and all...chocolate ? Facebook: Fan Page Facebook:
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    I'm from the Philippines, An occasional cosplayer , because i spent most of my time working as a Lead Web Designer. But i love good anime and great cosplayers.
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    Hey, guys, and welcome to my humble page~ :) I don't cosplay too much (in fact, I've been uploading older pics hahaha), but I really enjoy it when I do! Feel free to look around or add me on FB if you feel like talking. So long and thanks for all the fish!
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    Hallo! I am a Japanese cosplayer. I can speak:Japanese only. It depends for the translation site chiefly. Although a text is sometimes amusing, please see more mostly.(^o^;) Free!/ネオロマンス/乙女GAME/GAME中心に活動中。 Free!は801成分多めのをupさせていただいてます・・・(怜渚怜etc...) +橘真琴×天方美帆Lover!!!!! Archive: Cure:534990 layercloud:5333 Twitter: may_be_true_ HQ専用アカウント:TsudaHQ
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    Hi! I'm a Mexican Cosplayer :) I'm 19 Years Old ~ ♥Facebook:
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    I'm Juicy, a little Oni from Czech Republic. •【FBpage - Juicy】 •【FBpage - Hungry CT】 •【Twitter】 •【Ask】 •【Tumblr】 •【DA】 •【YT】
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    Yo~ ^^ I'm Cora. I'm starting cosplayer from the Czech Republic.. o.o and one of Anime.Sisters~ :3 I hope my cosplays will be good. >.< 【YT】 【FB】 【FB】 【ASK】