Milena Amane (Milena)
  • Canada
    Bonjour! I'm Flo, also known as Floeur. I'm a hobbyist artist who does digital and traditional art among all, and I also cosplay for fun. My first cosplay was made in 2015, and I totally fell in love with this hobby. It is hopefully only the beginning! ___________________________________________ [dA] []
  • China
  • Spain
    Fantasy in books, series, videogames or manga is my reality & rock, punk and acoustic music is his soundtrack. La fantasía en libros, series, videojuegos o manga es mi realidad & la música rock, punk y acústica es su banda sonora
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  • China
    这里阿濑w 火影死忠,爱好各种老番,近期lovelive刷的比较多,新的作品也会慢慢搬运过来。希望小伙伴多多找我玩耍。 Nice to meet you,You can call me ALAI ,my English is not very well,but I hope Icould make new like-mindednew friends.(›´ω`‹ ) 微博: 半次元:
  • Japan
    cureがなくなるそうなので。。 コス活動休止中ですがよろしくです♪
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  • Ukraine
    Hi! I am cosplay photographer from Ukraine. Glad to see you here:). More photos and information about me you find here: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: ►Deviantart: ►MyAnimeList: ►VK: ►FB:
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  • Australia
    I have loved cosplay for a long time and I have taken photo for a few websites and at many many cons and private shoots. Feel free to contact me - love to meet new cosplayers from all over the world! :)
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  • Japan
    Hi, this account is made by Non's fans, so it's not Non SummerJack own personal Worldcos. This account is created to share out Non's cosplay with others~ :) Facebook page:
  • Honduras
    bueno soy un cosplay de Honduras un poco adicto a los personajes de sonrisas siniestras me encanta hacer cosplay y por suerte tengo muchos amigos y familia que me ayudan a poder hacer cada uno de mis cosplay espero que le gusten ya que pongo todo de mi para hacer los