Martina (Sakura Maki)
  • Argentina
    Hello! I'm a huge anime/manga/videogames fan from Argentina I'm always happy to exchange messages ^-^
  • Viet Nam
    My name is Nie. Nice to meet you <3 This is my Facebook profile link : I hope to have more friend <3 Love <3
  • Philippines
    Im a potato :3 I started doing cosplay in 2015... A late start for my age tho :p anyway im open for suggestions and criticisms for my improvement... I hope to give u guys better cosplays in the future ^ω^
  • Japan
  • United States
    Hello everyone! I'm Kathy. ^^ I am from Los Angeles, California. I love God and I'm currently a College student majoring in Music (Worship Studies). I love drawing, taking photos, pop culture, and anime. I appreciate comments critiques and tips! God Bless you! Follow me here: DeviantArt:
  • Spain
    Hi there! I'm Pandora, nice to meet you all! I'm an spanish cosplayer, and a proyect of fashion designer :3 See ya over here <3
  • Brazil
    Hi Guys!––––––––––––––––––––♥ I'm Hanji- San! I am 26 old and i'm a brazilian cosplayer since 2007. I really hope you like my costumes ;3 So.. Thanks for following me. ><~
  • Colombia
    Hola Feliz por compartir mi profesión y hobbie con todos ustedes, soy cosmaker y cosplayer de Bogotá Colombia, Un abrazo para todos! ♥ Twitter @yennyastrid88
  • Japan
    はじめまして、たまにコスやってるものです~! ジャンプ・刀剣・デュラなどで活動してます。 どうぞよろしくお願いいたします(*^^*) 主に、スタジオやたまにイベントに出没します~! アメコミ・海外ドラマ・ホラー系も大好きです^^ 今後の予定は、 刀剣(無用組・義経組) 血界(スティーブン)・D灰(ラビ)・ワンピ(ロー様)・ズートピア(ニック)などなどちょこちょこやっていこうかと思ってます~! 辞める前にBLEACHをリベンジしたいっ!!
  • Canada
    The many faces of Levi Ackerman Writer/actor/aesthete Instagram @ardentavidity Deviantart
  • United States
    Hey guys my name is Daria Wlodkowski and I'm 17 years old and I've lived in a huge house with my mommy and daddy and my big sister named Pamela and also I've haved 4 pets and they are 2 Cats and 2 Dogs and their names are Toby,Serafina,Lilly and Sassy too as well okay you guys bye bye.
  • Japan
    Hello! I'm a cosplayer from Japan. Love: Kancolle,Fate series,etc. ★twitter→ Feel free to follow me :) ** まだ登録したばかりで右も左もわかりません。 東京近辺でFate、艦これメイン、他色々。 撮ったり、衣装を作ったりするのも好きです! どうぞよろしくお願い致します!
  • Indonesia
    hope you enjoyed my cosplay photos add me on face book nice to meet you see you at event
  • Philippines
    Hi thanks for visiting my page :D Feel free to add me or follow me on I also created my page for my updates and my hand made mangas : I'am also a clan lord of League of legends PH community too.
  • Brazil
    hi, I'm nim :3 started the little time and I'm still learning every day, hope you like it x3 Mieko is my double, then you will see many pictures of her with me hahahahahahahah
  • Malaysia
    ♛ Malaysian Photographer ♛ Started Photography since 2015 ♛ I am available at Penang, KL and mostly Melaka You can also look me up on Facebook >> Instagram >>