Trainki (Ruusian)
Hello, I'm Trainki, a French Cosplayer!
For this Moment, the major parts of my Cosplays is Buy Cosplay and Himself made but bad quality.
I cosplay Kaito Shion in normal, Camélia and Sandplay version, of Vocaloid. And Gunji of Togainu no Chi.
I started this time in cosplay, and I am aware that I must greatly improve the quality of them. But I still motivate more than anything!
I have 17 years aggo!
  • WorldCosplay No.94006
  • NicknameTrainki
  • Gender Male
  • Country/RegionRépublique française
  • 蜜琪 mikki
  • 来夢
  • Jing
  • Alodia
  • Faeryx
  • Neko-Neko
  • M-Rato
  • 雪嵐
  • 小DAY
  • Nana_Kuronoma
  • Koizumi Saeko
  • LUKA
  • Mikuo Haku Chan
  • Nana Miku
  • Adrien Nothias
  • aboa
  • Naruko
  • LUKA
  • Mikuo Haku Chan
  • Shiva
  • Lie Tchi