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    Hello! :D I'm Siew Woon or you can call me Yuzuki~ I started cosplaying since 2012~ Do support me at FB: Thanks~~~
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    Nice to meet you! I'm just a newbie cosplayer from Indonesia, currently loving Hatsune Miku (okay, I know she's too mainstream ;w; ) Besides cosplay, I love to cover songs and tried to sing vocaloid or anime songs. Please check my pages here: DevianArt : Instagram: Contact me at FB: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~
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    H i r o k i ( ˃ᆺ˂ ) I from Thailand ☆
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    My name is GIFT. You can called me 'Chiaki' or 'Mingift'. I'm a cosplayer from THAILAND. Nice to meet u all :) [[ ]] IF YOU WANT TO ADD ME AS A FRIEND (Facebook), PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE. ปล.ถ้าต้องการแอดเฟซบุ๊ค ส่งข้อความมาด้วยนะคะ ^^
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    下手なりに自作レイヤーで男装レイヤー そしてアニソンDJ。 Cosplay minor genre, such as the main genre mainly. Layer is to own your own poor. Every year, participating in the convention of the United States in the summer. I think I want to try around the world with cosplay. There are even anime songs and DJ. Has been infested in various events in Tokyo. 【Cure】 【Facebook】 【Facebook page】
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    昼/ Pinpin V系/ 1米6的自攻自受 / 变态教主 Eddie Gluskin's Darling (`・ω・´) FACEBOOK ; WEIBO ;
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    Work in progress//
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    ヾ(●´U`●)ノ皆さん,こんにちわ,私はKohane,マレーシアからのコスプレイヤー!'(*゚▽゚*)' 私の最新作はここで定期できに更新されます、皆さんは好きに願おう(´ω`)?~!! ✣cure No 297557 ✣Facebook ✣DevianArt ✣Weibo 私の最新作はここで定期できに更新されます、皆さんは好きに願おう(´ω`)♥~!!
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    深圳COS摄影爱好者.市内约片. QQ:75090127 微博: 无偿
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