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  • Kat
    United States
    Hai! I'm Kat! I'm a huge otaku, I cosplay many characters, but mainly Alois Trancy. I'm a huge gamer and cosplay artist ~ designer and Photographer! Hey there! I'm Alyssa, Vice president of Juicy vampire cosplay! I do hope you enjoy these photography and design works! <3 President; Katie Vice; Alyssa Secondary designer; Hannah Email us at for design requests and or questions! Huge thanks to Salk City Photography!!
  • Taiwan
    皆様こんにちは~ 和です よろしくね(☆ゝ∀・★)ノ 大家好我4ㄩㄏ~~~~ FB: 交流什麼的直接來 大丈夫!!!
  • Malaysia
    Hi,I'm Kaoru^^ I love cosplay & ice-cream & Japan culture><
  • China
  • Taiwan
    My name is 曄鬼(Eamo). I'm a cosplayer from Taiwan, and thank you for following!~ Facebook:
  • Taiwan
    Plurk→ FB→ 歡迎來逛逛// Welcome to my place.
  • Rwanda
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  • WI
    Polish cosplay duo - Wojti & Iya Est. 2014 Facebook:
  • Taiwan
    Hi I'm XuanMok呟墨 :D Cosplayer from Taiwan, Taipei. Fan Page > Instagram > LIKE me FOLLOW me ;) Love u all <3 Come and be friends with me ;D Speak Chinese Taiwanese Japanese German English.
  • Taiwan
    大家好咱是來自台灣的白菊d(`・∀・)b 我是台灣人、我愛台灣٩(。・ω・。)و 本命是總司哇!!大部分有關總司都有坑!! 沖田組也有!! 歡迎一起來對總司發廚!!!!!!!!!(ノ>ω<)ノ
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    Hello~這是JF和Oz共同經營! 我們是來自“Taiwan”的Coser~ 請各位多多指教! ★Facebook☆ ★Instagram☆ ★Mail☆
  • Taiwan
    住在Taiwan的魯魯一隻\ ^q^ /
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