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Kiska* (Kiskacat)
Hong Kong
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Hi, 我是Kiska! 是個懶惰的cosplayer. Σ(゚д゚) (喂
已出了幾年cosplay 但是出cos次數十隻手指能數完(´_ゝ`)
全部服跟道具都是自給自足 豐衣足食♥(´∀` )/

Hi, I'm Kiska, a lazy cosplayer. Σ(゚д゚) (XD
I have been playing cosplay for several years(since 2010),
but in fact my cosplay times can be counted by using 10 fingers only.(´_ゝ`)
ALL costumes and props are made by myself.♥(´∀` )/

Next character: MOA(SH3) OR Ruby(The Path)
♔PROFILE(Chinese only):
  • NicknameKiska*
  • Gender Female
  • Country香港
  • Rei-doll
  • Heitha
  • Sophie
  • Dandelionswish
  • Saki
  • chickenwingsho
  • Escanor
  • Aurélien Bernadas
  • Shiki-ty
  • Dracula's Bride
  • AlinEnAk