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  • Russia
    [DeviantArt] [] [Curecos] [Twitter] [Facebook]
  • Spain
    Hi, welcome to my page, here you can see my costumes and works. Im a Concept artist and model living in Madrid, Spain. My wish is work out of Spain, here no one understands cosplay value, and is a very backward country. I love draw in 3d and make videogames enviroments You can visit my facebook cosplay page here And my page with cosplay and drawings:
  • South Korea
    Facebook > [Team CSL] in Korea
  • aji
    好きなものを好きなだけ。基本女キャラメインで男装もちょこちょこやってます。 Hello! My name is aji. I am a Japanese cosplayer. Nice to meet you!
  • South Korea
    ☞///☜ ^♥^
  • Germany
  • Ukraine
    Glad to see you! Hi guys! I Valeriya. Thank you for visiting my profile and add my photos to your favorites. [Facebook] [deviantart] [twitter] [Skype] utau_lily [WeChat] Valeriya20med [Instagram] utaulily
  • China
    *❥*T.QQ: *❥*WEIBO:
  • Japan
    主に札幌近郊で活動してますももくりです|艸`) 好きなもの FF アトリエシリーズ アーカイブ:
  • Argentina
    Hello!!! I'm an Visual art Student, nice to meet you :3 (I'm happy you're here reading this >w<) so.. I don't know what to say, then... enjoy my gallery! I hope you like my work :) /////////////////////////////// My FB page:
  • Japan
    戦国BASARA テニスの王子様 特撮 NARUTO ジョジョ 大好き! COSPLAYERS ARCHIVE⇒
  • Japan
    Hi I'm Sho hara(波羅 奨). I Love Making Costume,Do Cosplay and Communicate with cosplayers of All over the world. 【LOVE】 TOUKEN RANBU NOBUNAGA THE FOOL Cowboy Bebop CIVER FOMURA RACK~torture of 13section~ TRIGUN RUDOLF TURKEY Laughing Under the Clouds ShadowHearts DEAD OR ALIVE Genso Suikoden and WWE SUMO motor sports Musical Opera KABUKI LUNA SEA and more... ※基本カイブにいます。
  • United States
    Hello! I started cosplaying back in 1998 as Tifa Lockheart and my first time going to a convention/cosplay was 2001 as Cammy White. I have made numerous costumes for myself and for others. I have a love for anything old school so you will notice a lot of the characters I choose to portray are not up to date with the times. I have won many awards for it landing myself in the Masters category. I have been slowing down on competing and focusing more on staffing at conventions.
  • Mexico
    kisses to all.. :3 facebook: twitter: DE- youtube. cure:
  • Hong Kong
    NICE TO MEET YOU ALL :) Plurk:
  • nao