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Kui Cos
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  • Malaysia
    Hi, I'm Alynn. ^w^ New at cosplay. Love anime & cosplay <3
  • Malaysia
    这里幽幽DES!夜路死库!~~ 幽幽是马来西亚Coser 今年13岁 02年的⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ 从11岁开始玩Cos 就说13岁 也就是还是个刚升中的小小Coser(# 目前出过的角色: 2013/:时崎狂三 Tokisaki Kurumi 2014/:小鸟游六花 Takanashi Rikka,骷髅宫歌留多Karuta,初音未来 Hatsune Miku 2015/: - 2015坑/:百鬼院 凛凛蝶Ririchiyo,星空凛Rin,御狐神双炽Miketsukami Soushi,巴卫Tomoe, Facebook面子书 -
  • United States
    I can do all things in a otaku perspective- cosplay, video games, music, card & board games, and anime & manga reviews. But if there is anything else I do from the outside or inside of the perspective, and want to know more about myself, just ask nicely about me. But don't worry I won't bite... this much... sometimes.
  • Gen
    My name is Gen(ゝ∀・) Love Happy Tree Friends!!!♡♡♡ In the Happy Tree Friends,first cos is Nutty!!!Love candy!!!!!(ˉ﹃ˉ)Like Cos anthropomorphic(ゝ∨・)Yoroshiku onegaishimasuㄟ(´∀`ㄟ) 我的名字是時玄(ゝ∀・) 大愛Happy Tree Friends!!!♡♡♡ 在Happy Tree Friends裏,第一個cos的就是Nutty!!!最愛糖果!!!!!(ˉ﹃ˉ)喜歡Cos擬人化(ゝ∨・)新手一個,請多多指教啦ㄟ(´∀`ㄟ)
  • Gin
    konnichiwa minna san *v* my name is Gin!! i'm an Animation student and coser from Malaysia. yoroshiku onegaishimasu!! 大家好,我是小沖 *v* 馬來西亞 coser,一名動畫系學生,請多多指教!!
  • Malaysia
    Hi, I'm Mizuka ^^ I'm looking forward to hearing your comments xD 你好~~ 我是Mizuka ^^ 各位大大請多多指教哦 xD こんにちは,私ミズカです ^^ よろしくお願いします xD
  • Malaysia
    Hai~ I'm Dante I‘m Malaysian wish you follow me and like me more~(*/ω\*) 嗨~ 我是但丁 我来自马来西亚 希望你们多多关注也给我多一点赞哦w Like ·Anmesia失忆症 ·Blech死神 ·Death Note死亡笔记 ·Gintama银魂 ·Kamigami No Asobo诸神的恶作剧 ·Tokyo Ghost东京喰种
  • Viet Nam
    Hello everyone, my name is Kiyoshi and i'm from Vietnam Please support and follow these pages: FB: or Twitter:
  • Malaysia
    大家好,我是黑子~ 来自马来西亚~~ 我在2013年12月21日正式加入coslay这个大家庭~~~ 希望大家会喜欢我的cos~~~ 也希望大家可以给我一些忠告~ 让我可以改进我的cos~~~谢谢! 还有谢谢您的关注哟~xD Hello everyone , my name is Kuroko ~~~ And I'm from Malaysia~ I just start join cosplay this big family since at 21 December 2013 ~ Hope everybody will like my cos~~~ I hope everyone can give me some advice ~ So that I can improve my cos ~~~ Thank you! And thanks for follow yah~~~XD
  • Malaysia
    Yo~XD I'm not a cosplayer...just stalking( ̄▽ ̄) 15 years old~(2014) Like curry rice~hehexD Add me if you want to~ Definitely will accept 哈咯XD 我不是cosplayer。。。呵呵 15岁~今年开始对cosplay有兴趣... 要加我的话随便~一定会接受的( ̄▽ ̄) twitter : facebook :
  • Malaysia
    Love Anime,Cosplay and also a photographer~ Hai! I'm cosplayer from Malaysia.I start cosplay in 2011.Most of my cosplay is simple cosplay or default version.Will trying to cosplay more of my favorite chara and improved my make-up and costume!Also wish to meet more cosplayer around the world and share experience! :D Yoroshiku ne~! -bows- Cosplay Cure No.321312 Please spent your time to visit me&my partner photography page too :D
  • Taiwan
    大家好ヾ(●´U`●)ノ 我的名字是森御 村 (Mura)ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ((└(:3」┌)┘)) 我是從台灣來的cosplayヾ(*´∀`*)ノ 主要的cosplay是vocaloid(●´・ω・)ノ 希望大家會喜歡村的cosplayヾ(●´▽`●)ノ 很高興認識你(*ゝω・*)ノ HI! everybodyヾ(●´U`●)ノ My name is Mura,ヾ(:3ノシヾ)ノシ((└(:3」┌)┘)) I am a cosplayer from TAIWANヾ(*´∀`*)ノ Mainly cosplay vocaloid(●´・ω・)ノ hope you like my cosplayヾ(●´▽`●)ノ Nice to Meet you! (*ゝω・*)ノ FB專業>>
  • Malaysia
    experience-less =_____________= FB profile:
  • France
    Hello I am a french cosplayer who make props since ...well.. 2011 ?
  • Mexico
  • Chile
    hi :3