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    在下櫻井汰一,雖然出角色剛滿一年, 但是在下會努力去詮釋我所喜歡的角色, 目前有坑的是 盜墓筆記:張起靈(盜斗+新月飯店點天燈) 全職高手興欣戰隊:莫凡 榮耀帳號卡:毀人不倦 V家大哥亞種:AKAITO(紅黑V1版) 如果有妝感、肢體上的建議,可以跟在下說,我會努力改進。 肯定我的人,在下在此深深一鞠躬, 十分感謝您,您的肯定就是我的動力。
  • Taiwan
    嗨嗨這裡是小米(米米)//// 目前雖然還沒cos..... 但日後會辦喔!!!!! 好愛好愛好愛大家的cosplay///// 目前還是路人甲還請您們多多指教(鞠躬
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  • Thailand
    hello everyone, I'm ZhuZhu. ^^ I'm from Thailand. Page>>
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  • Russia
    Hello! I'm Hikari, cosplayer from Russia. I'm 17 years old. Me at VK: Me Incosplay Currently working on: Seven sins (lust) FEM Conflict brothers (Rui Asahina) FEM Basketball Kuroko (Kuroko Tetsuya)
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    facebook :
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  • Indonesia
    We are cosplay team from Indonesia. Facebook Page: 3 Idiots member : Andy Phebe (Master) Taqii (Slave) Ryuki (Slave) hehehe XD Yoroshiku ne~
  • Taiwan
    天空- 歡迎同好交流喔www
  • Viet Nam
    I'm a newbie from Vietnam ! And I hope you guys will support me and give me some advise about my cosplay project, ... You guys will se a lot of selfie =]] Just because I'm testing for my next project, and when I find it okay ( or good enough :3 ) I will shoot :) and I'll post it here ~ So, I hope you guys can wait for me =]] ( that's funny ) ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ love you all :) And pls forgive me for all my shortcoming ! ^^
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    大大们无视我好了╰( ̄ω ̄o)
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    cn:Ke科 SINA Weibo:
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