Akira (Akira)
Hi, I'm Akira and a Japanese otaku.
Although I've cosplayed Sasuke from Naruto and Luffy from One piese only twice, I like watching other people cosplaying. I'd like to make many friends with people from various coutries.

Also, I have a Facebook account. Feel free to add your friends. I can help your learning Japanese.

  • WorldCosplay No.86126
  • NicknameAkira
  • Gender Male
  • Country/Region日本
  • shinori
  • asuka_sann
  • ねここ@C82(2日目)東V10a
  • 肉感少女Neneko
  • Yōkan nyo
  • ShiAk
  • 宮
  • 耀耀缺个脑
  • 高月りみ
  • makiko
  • Akitsu Honoka
  • 海野もずく