Guai (Victoria)
  • France
    Hello guy's !! My name is Ariane Redgrave, I am French Cosplayer I do cosplay since 2012 and I am an artist in drawing I like video game, films, write and COSPLAY, obviously ^^ My facebook page :
  • Brazil
    Hello, my name is Kaya and I'm a Brazilian cosplayer. FB:
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
    初めまして! 瑠那と申します。コスプレ、お絵描き、カメラが大好きです! 同じジャンルが好きな方、レイヤー様、カメラマン様、画像編集者様と仲良くなりたいので気軽に声をかけて下さい。 よろしくお願いします。 Twitter:matuki0210 Nice to meet you! I am Luna. I love a costume play, a painter, a camera! I want to make friends with person liking the same genre, layer state, tortoise Raman, image editor. Please call out to me willingly. Thank you very much for your help.
  • United States
    Hi I'm Emma or M short, I have been cosplay for 3 years, I love anime so much, I like meet different cosplay's,and I like to do to. I going to one convention in Sacramento in CA is called SacAnime. i go to the Summer one and the Winter one too. I love to do cosplay and make plan for new for costume. And I love Manga to
  • Spain
    I am a girl who does Crossplayer ( man-made ) , but sometimes if cosplays woman , usually I like to do , especially with friends. I hope to see you soon! -3-
  • United States
  • Russia
  • Mauritius
    Hi i'm Patrick Joseph from Mauritius, i'm a big Superman fan and started cosplaying my favorite character when i was 8 ;) Today nothing has changed ;) I'm a cosplayer and prop maker ;) Also a VFX Artist ;)
  • United States
  • Serbia
    Hello, I'm Marija Moricia. Welcome to my page. ~~~~Ori Cosplay!~~~~ Other social media:
  • Germany
    Hello I´m Katarina. Everybody call me Neko :3 Cosplayer from Germany Follow me (if you want x´D) DA:http: Facebook: Twitter:
  • Russia
    Cosplayer and сrafter from Russia. My contacts: My group:
  • China
  • Thailand
    This is my new accout Hi, My name is Judal From Thailand Thanks for visit. Nice to meet you. Please fav, Thanks <3 My Page on Facebook : Cosplay :, Photographer :, Coverdance : Instagram :
  • ZHI
    不太擅長網路聊天的金魚腦 孤單寂寞覺得冷 同好一起來聊天發廚吧!! HIヽ•´з`•ノ♬ Plurk: FB: