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  • Canada
    Hello! I'm a cosplayer from Canada. I'm also part of a cosplay duo called NenuCosplay, please check out our page on Facebook! :) Facebook: DA: Twitter: RuiAkiya
  • Canada
    Instagram : :
  • Canada
    Hello world!
  • Canada
    Hi there, I am a very amateur cosplayer, although I have been cosplaying for almost two years. And I am striking to be a better coser in the future~ Deviantart: Facebook: Instagram: nataltoran
  • Philippines
    Hi!Guys..I'm Black from Concepcion Iloilo ..when I was a kid I like anime and manga..and when i was grown up and became 17 I decided to make my self as one of my favorite character at anime/manga.
  • Uruguay
  • Costa Rica
    Soy Cosplayer desde el 2012, y soy estudiante de Arte en la Universidad <3 Gracias al Cosplay he conocido gente fantástica y espero seguir haciendo nuevos amigos. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Cosplayer since 2012, and art student in university. I have met many people in the cosplay scene and i want to make new friends. You can also find me here: :3
  • Canada
    Hi~ I'm usui, 23, from Canada. I love Shaman King, Kuroko no Basuke, Free!, K Project, Shingeki no Kyojin, Pokemon, Ace Attorney series, psychology, oysters, yaoi, & daikons. Nice to meet you ❤ 【Facebook】 【DeviantArt】
  • Canada
    Hello, my name is Tommeh Chu. I am a Canadian cosplayer from the Montreal area. I do prop work and sew. I occasionally accept commissions from people nearby. Visit my facebook page at for more updates! Hope we can get along!!
  • Japan
    I'm Japanese cosplayer. I really like taking photo outside. I'm looking for someone like same genre!! I love.... shingeki no kyojin / JOJO / South Park / Happy tree friends / Dragkengard1 2 3 / Nier replicant / Final fantasy / inazma eleven / Kingdom hearts / Shinyatai / Drohedoro .... Hopefully, I wanna make Cosplay team who can focus only one job every cosplay time. Then I wanna make a good picture more than now.
  • Canada
    Age: 20 Doing cosplay since 2008 I'm a vietnamese cosplayer from Canada ! More cosplays to come ! Please follow me on Deviant Art! Follow me on my Facebook Page ! Current convention to go: G-Anime, Anime North, Otakuthon Thanks you >w< !
  • Hong Kong
    Hi! my name is Hatsuki, I am a cosplayer from Hong Kong. Now I am living in Tronto. Feel free to at here (0w0)/ 你好(0w0)/港燦一名,心在香港但本體在加拿大;口; 歡迎加好友// 初めまして!葉月です~今カナダに住んでいるの香港人です。皆さん、どうぞよろしくおねがいします(0w0)/ 中文, 日本語, English [Plurk] [Facebook]
  • Japan
    修羅の国中心にいろんなコスプレしてます! マッチョがすき。 お気軽に絡んで頂ければ嬉しいです Hello!my name is mine. Thank you for access.Nice to meet you(´▽`*) twi: Arc:
  • Canada
    Hi, I'm zerras1001. cosplayer from ontario, canada, nice to meet you! (✪㉨✪) 1996/10/01
  • Canada
    Newbie canadian cosplayer who loves making cosplays~ I fangirl too much and don't sew enough! Find me on basically any account possible~ ❥Facebook ❥Cure ❥Twitter ❥Instagram ❥Deviantart ❥Cospix ❥Tumblr ❥Email
  • United States
    hello hello! this is tarte! i'm based in the USA and i've been cosplaying since 2008. it's very nice to meet you! ■ tumblr: ■ devianTARTE: