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Hyuuga (Maria)
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    請多多指教// [FB] [Ask] [Plurk]
  • Portugal
    hii im Sugiura and im a portuguese cosplayer :3 I hope you like my cosplays ^-^ B-Day: 23 January My Fav Chars: Female: Sheryl Nome Hatsune Miku Hinamori Amu Male: T.K Len Kagamine Syaoran Lee I love Anime, Cosplay, Japan, London, Vocaloid, K-Pop!, Mangá, Friends, Harry Potter and stuff
  • Portugal
    ☆ Hello and welcome to my cosplay page! ☆ My name is Daniela! I'm a graphic designer who loves sewing and create new costumes. I'm also a gamer, book lover and TV series addict! My favorite character is Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier.. ♥ I love rain! ❄️ ☔️
  • Portugal
    I'm Manon or Ainim a Portuguese/Irish cosplayer and photographer <3 i hope you like my work! Find me on: DA: Facebook page: Twitter: AMPLE: STORE: ATTENTION! -> FAKE!
  • Japan
    I am a Japanese cosplayer! I love ANIME&Cosplay オタクコスプレイヤーっす!大阪人(笑) どうぞよろしく! ■Facebook: ■twitter: ■cure: ■ARCHIVE: ■新浪微博:
  • United States Constructing cosplays since Oct 2010 "Do what you love with who you love."
  • Portugal
    Hi there :3 I'm a cosplayer since April 2013, I love how cosplayers put their heart into their creations *w* and i love to spend time with amazing people 8D Any question feel free to contact me ^^ I'd love to meet more people! Facebook: Thank you all for the support! *\o/*
  • Portugal
    Hi ^-^ My name is Alexandra. Portuguese Love anime, manga, cosplay, games and I make amv's. I started cosplaying in 2012, I'm still learning :D Favorite chars: Asuna Yuuki (SAO) Lucy (FT) Inori (Guilty Crown) Sakura (Naruto) Facebook - Instagram - xanasakura Deviantart - Youtube - MAL -
  • Portugal
    I'm a cosplayer since 2010. Enjoy my costumes <3 My facebook page: My deviantart:
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    tumblr: deviantART: Instagram:
  • Portugal
    My name is Paola Pregliasco, i'm half italian and portuguese, I'm 19 years old and started to cosplay since 2008 (i guess...). I love my friends and family, they help me and teach me alot of thing everyday that passes <3 I'm obcessed with Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler and Hetalia <3 My fav. Character are: Sebastian Michaelis; Alois Trancy; Kiku Honda; Antonio Carriedo; Saitou Hajime; Yoite and Lime :3 I hope you like my channel and my photos here ^^
  • Portugal
    Hello! We are a group of portuguese cosplayers: Yaruki, Ayari and Miharu... Here you can find photos of our cosplay projects! Thanks for visiting! :)
  • Brazil
    Hello there! Hope you like my job as a cosplayer! You can also check my Facebook for more, or if you feel curiosity about me (*^▽^*) Fb: Fb Fanpage: still uploading photos... and I very lazy to do this T-T
  • Portugal
    ☆ lvl 21 mad scientist | cosplayer |tsundere | makise kurisu irl| geek |gamer |otaku |artist |japan | retro | steins;gate | RPGs & Visual Novels ♥ | ♡ FB: Asuna Cosplay |☆