Retno Dwi Astuti (Tatsuki Koyomi)
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    A Hong Kong cosplayer, nice to meet you all (・ω・)ノ Cure No. 30400 Blog: Plurk: Facebook: Weibo: ( ゚Д゚)<ヨロシク! IIDX:九段達成 POP'N :43~44lv もう限界
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    Hi! I recently started making cosplay. I will try to upload pictures when I can. Thanks for viewing! :D
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    Bunny GO Round!
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    Also: Instagam: Facebook: Twitter: Deviantart:
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    United States
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    您好!我是砲彈!暱稱源自於我家的貓:) 謝謝你喜歡我的COS:) Nice to meet you! どうぞよろしくお願い致します:) Facebook >>
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    I'm a cosplayer from China. Hope to know more cosplayers. Thanks for visiting. weibo: Cure No. 352021
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    【新浪微博链接(Sina Weibo)】 ~欢迎各位来交流~【Welcome to exchange】 Hello,my name's Saint.I'm China girls,My hobby is COSPLAY,and read a Book.My biggest aim here is to make a friend with you!With communication with everyone.Please do not mind my words, because my English is not very good, I'm very sorry!But I really want to make friends with you!~\(≧▽≦)/~
  • Brazil
    Welcome! ♥ My name is Juliana, and I'm from Brazil. Cosplay is one of the things I love the most, and I will share some of my costumes here. I hope that you all enjoy the photos, and send me a message. Let's be friends! (◡‿◡✿) Thank you for support! ➤ Follow my page on Facebook: ➤ And my DeviantArt:
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    Hi~This is Ice cream Bunny-Yu Ko, a Taiwanese cosplayer. I love anime, and would like to share all my cosplay work with you~ Hope that you will like it! ^^ Facebook:
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    近期歌王子持續愛好中//// 交流歡迎^Q^!!!
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    Hello everyone My name is wakabuki and i'm a cosplayer in vietnam My facebook: My tumblr: Tilamichu Hope you like my cosplay :3
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    Hi, It's nice to meet you. Hello! My name is Miyao. It is a Japanese cosplayers. I'm crazy about K, animation. My routines are practicing a makeup and daydreaming. Archive:282247 Twitter:@380ny Best regards, Best wishes, All the best, Your sincerely