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Jayson (Jayson leonhart)
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  • Philippines
    New cosplayer! Thank you for visiting. I seldom go to cosplay events due to my schedule. >//< Real name: Kimberly Anne Sadinas Age: 21 Cosplayer since August 2014 I cosplay for fun and as a stress reliever. :))) I am an anime lover since 2006. :)) Fb page: Instagram: Twitter: Skype: kianne0309 .fm/KimberlyAnneSadinas
  • United Kingdom
  • Chile
    Hi ~ I'm cosplayer fan !
  • Germany
    Hello, I'm Momo, cosplayer from Germany! Here my WorldCosplay account. ^w^ Nice to meet you all and let's be friends!
  • Gin
    Hello , minna ^w^!, I´m Anne and i ´m cosplayer too, since 1998 i enjoy to this hobby, the years as passed and i can´t let make cosplay , because i love my cosplayer life. I wait you going fun and like to my job ^w^ THANK FOR YOUR ATENTION!! and Welcome to my life style ^w^ and my little world
  • Philippines
    I'm just another otaku who loves anime and cosplay ^ω^ Facebook: Reiji Nakamaru Please enjoy viewing my pictures ^_^ and maybe we can chat and stuff ;)
  • Philippines
    Hi Minna~ I am Romina, you can call me Mina. I am just starting my adventure as a cosplayer. My favorite animes are Tora Dora, Bokura ga ita, and shoujo as general. I also loved Sword Art Online and admires Kirito-kun so much. <3 <3 <3
  • Philippines
    Hello there mortal o/ Welcome to thy cosplay page :'} I love anime and cartoons but mostly cartoons I am a part of the PJO/HOO fandam -winks- And a really great fan of Gravity Falls, Adventure Time and Stars vs the Forces of Evil :'} If you are a fan of any of these too, feel free to message. We got some spazz and shizz to talk about -winks at u- Facebook: Insta: Lizayyfox_ Xoxo Lizzzy :^}
  • Philippines
    Haruu! Haruu!! Minna :D I'm Christopher John, cosplayer since 2012 from Philippines! - - otaku | anime enthusiast | adventurer | music geek dancing | eating | watching anime | Gamer Since Birth :3 | Joker XD Nice to meet you! '> w <)> Feel free to visit my profile! :3 I'm 17 and need some Friends to hang out with and do some crazy things XD Obito Uchia is The Anime name of me XD hahaha Can I have a lot of Fwends? Minna :D including YOU!!! >////< Ja Ne!!! :D
  • Hong Kong
    這邊是千雪是一隻萬年新渣,另外附帶專職崩角三十年這特技 經常出現銀魂吸取不足和妹子不足的情況~~~ 非常歡迎各位勾搭喲~ 就是這樣,請多多指教~~~ Hello~I'm senyuki my favourite anime is Gintama I hope we can be friend in future Welcome to talk to me~~~
  • Paraguay
    Oh hay! I'm Mizaly - Cosplayer, cosmaker and artist from Paraguay I love to meet new people and make new friends. Feel free to write me! (†ω・。) よろしく! ~tereg̃uahẽ porãite~ My official facebook page
  • Japan
    やりたいものをやりたいだけ ARCHIVE:
  • DAI
    Hi! I have been cosplaying since 2009 and still keep going on it Cosplay is my favourite hobby~ Hope you enjoy my pics!^-^ My cosplay facebook page :
  • Chile
    Hello to all! I hope you enjoy it! I want to invite you to my site on Facebook so they can see more pictures! and we can be friends (^ u ^) / Greetings こんにちはすべてに!私はあなたがそれをお楽しみください! 私は、彼らがより多くの写真を見ることができますFacebookの自分のサイトにあなたを招待したい!私たちは、友人(^ U^)/ご挨拶することができます
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines