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kennedy kenny ken k (KennedyKan)
Hong Kong
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  • Taiwan
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  • Ido
    Hi <3 My name is Ido and I am a Cosplayer from Germany ♥
  • Hong Kong
    這貨(・ω・)w叫陳零w My name is chanling 求follow~~ DeviantArt! :hihix100 IG:hihix10 FB:陳零 Twitter:hihix100 微博:hkcosplayer__陳零 worldcosplay:hihix100 半次元:陳零
  • Jet
    United Kingdom
    Hi, my name is Jet ' v ' / I'm a coser from the UK! I hope you like my cosplay! I like to meet cosplayers from around the world ^^ I like to travel too - HK/TW/Japan 【Facebook】: 【deviantART】: 【Instagram】: 【Curecos】:
  • Japan
    Hi! My Name is Yu-NA and I'm an Japanese cosplayer^^ I Love ONE PIECE!! 何か色々コスしてます^^v ONE PIECEが大好きです!! ■関連サイト Cure: Archive:
  • Hong Kong
    唯斗と申します、 どうぞよろしくお願いします。>< Hi! I’m Yuito. xD Facebook:
  • Hong Kong
    Nice to meet you :D I'm Nari and thx for your attention to my photos <3 Facebook Page: No reprint is allowed :) 沒有授權之下不可轉載/盜用 :)
  • Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong
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  • Hong Kong
    Hello everybady, My name is naya, I am a cosplayer from Hong Kong. 大家好,我叫奈也,是來自香港的cosplayer。 請多多指教喔(´・ω・`) 皆さん,こんにちは! 奈也です! 香港のコスプレイヤーです(*´▽`*) よろしくお願いします(@゜▽゜@)ノ~ TAG:DARKER THAN BLACK,残響のテロル,FATE,LoveLive,銀魂 歡迎搭訕(ˋ・ω・ˊ) PLURK:sugitanana Facebook:浦奈也(Naya)
  • Hong Kong
    喲呵~這邊是米米。多多指教(`・ω・´) 僕はホノ(米)です!よろしくね!(`・ω・´) I'm kome from Hong Kong(`・ω・´)Welcome to follow me 【§ FACEBOOK PAGE §】: 【§ INSTAGRAM §】: hono1126
  • Hong Kong
    ❖ Facebook ❖World Cosplay ❖Instagram ❖E-mail
  • Hong Kong
    大家好 我是來自香港的COSPLAYER 這裡是平子 請多多指教(⊙//W//⊙) <3
  • Mon
    合作聯絡處E-mail❥ ❥ Facebook ❥Instagram ❥ Blog ❥ World Cosplay ❥ Weibo ❥ Cure ❥ plurk ❥ ASK ❥ YouTube
  • Hong Kong
    歡迎來到小黑的小屋 這裡很小沒什麼好好招待大家/w\(_)/// 暫時還在整理中 有待私影後再給照片吧www facebook page: (己更新)
  • Thailand
    Hi everyone!! welcome to my profile page . Feel free to look around!! Thank you for the favorite and following me. Please message me when you want to contact me or have a question I'll try my best to reply all of them. ***************************** FB page >> My BCY >> Ample >>