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たくみ (takumi)
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  • Russia
  • Taiwan
    請多多批評指教! Hi , everyone!! I'm Zhan. Cosplay is the most essential thing in my life!! 私はCosplayが好きです 改善する欠点が必要です どうぞご指導下さい みんなに感謝します! (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧ 噗浪Plurk/ FB/
  • China
    Hello! Thanks for looking at my page, I'm bluetooth, Welcome! (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭❤~ 初めまして、こんにちは! 私は中國のコスプレイヤ、bluetoothです。 よろしくお願いします! 你好,谢谢你来到我的主页。 我叫蓝琊,也可以叫我蓝牙~请多多指教~ weibo:
  • Germany
    Hello I´m Katarina. Everybody call me Neko :3 Cosplayer from Germany Follow me (if you want x´D) DA:http: Facebook: Twitter:
  • Italy
    Hellooo ~ I'm Lucifero's Doll ;3 | I go crazy for the historical Japan, for everything about the Samurai and the Sengoku period ~<3 | Flickr --> DA -->
  • Viet Nam
    Hi, I'm HARU :3 :3 I'm very very like cosplay and read manga and listen to music and sing :3 :3 :3 :'> I'm just a stalker =)))))))) LoL
  • China
    Hello. Thank you for coming to my page! I'm a Chinese cosplayer and you can call me Kino. I LOVE APH! 你们好唷:D 我是来自中国的coser鶒乌.嗯 我是个小透明coser作品很少质量也不高. 希望多指教唷. 黑塔利亚永不毕业:3 WB:
  • Macedonia
  • Taiwan
    Taiwan Cosplayer. LINKS >Weibo >Facebook >Twitter
  • Russia
    Hi!≧◡≦ Nice to meet you)
  • Taiwan
    嗨 我喜歡刀劍神域、獵人、RO(仙境傳說)、彈丸論破、APH(日本是我的最愛) FB
  • Japan
    日本国内の九州に属する佐賀で活動しているレイヤー。 主にラブライブで活動しています。今後は東方とかにも手を出す予定です。 Twitter: ARCHIVE:
  • Taiwan
    我是來自台灣的Cosplayer, 因為語言能力不好,大概只有中文能夠溝通XD 希望能夠和更多人一起開心的玩COS (*ˊ D ˋ*)/// 請大家多多指教:D 【噗浪】
  • Indonesia
    Hi everyone :D/ { kaoru : yoroshiku minna :3/ } { Kyuuma : Yo minna-san *u* } We are cosplayers from Indonesia :) we both love cosplay and make new friends ^^ we hope that we could be good friends :) <3 K&K がんばります! >w</
  • Malaysia
    CN 浩介/コウスケ/Kousuke YOU CAN CALL ME BY KOU _(:3/ After i joined Cosplay community, i felt like my life turns better and more wonderful. - Joined Cosplay by 2012, Animangaki. - Not so active, but i will try my best to improve my skills. - Thank You to my senpais and comrade that helped me out and pointed out my mistakes <3 - Will try hard to bring out my favourite character by Cosplay! Nice to meet you, よろしくね! 8D 皆で、一緒に頑張ろう! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! 8D
  • Hungary
    Hey everyone! I'm a cosplayer from Hungary. ^^ I love anime & cosplay. ^^ ■facebook: ■deviantART: ■twitter: ■instagram: ■cure: ■e-mail: /