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幽緒。Fuyumi (FUYUMI)
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  • Taiwan
    各位好,這裡是午曈:) plurk: yam:
  • Taiwan
    悠遊在二次元國度的旅行者◆文字和圖畫是不可或缺的糧食 關注感謝◆搭訕歡迎◆冷門角超需要同好QvQ!! Hello,this is TAKO. A traveler wandering in Anime. It's my pleasure to be friends with you!:) ◆Blog ◆Plurk
  • Taiwan
    大家安安喔~我是小娃也可以叫我小妖!! 請大家多多指教喔>W< 以下是我會出沒的網站~ 粉絲頁: 天空: 噗浪: 請多多支持~~^^ Hi,my name is Wawa. I am a cosplayer from Taiwan. Nice to meet you. Here is my website appear FB: YAM:
  • Taiwan
    ●*´∀`*●ノ Facebook Link: Weibo Link: Mail: 名稱:米砂 (ミサ*Misa) 156cm , 49kg 居住地為台灣Taiwan★ ★興趣:Cosplay/吃喝/電玩/動畫 ★喜歡的遊戲:League of Legends英雄聯盟 Hello everyone :D My name is Misa, is a Taiwanese also a cosplayer. (´ω`●)!! こちらはMisa個人のWorld Cosplay! Misaについての一番新しいコスプレ写真とビデオを不定期で更新します。
  • Colombia
    Hello, my name is luz ma and I lovee the cosplay ^-^ I have 25 years old, I hope you like my work Thanks for visit (^-^)/
  • Peru
    Hello My name is Maka and cosplay is my passion....!!!!*O*
  • Jii
    South Korea
    Was born in 1989. South Korea cos player. Twitter = @jii_wing
  • China
    微博: Blog:
  • Taiwan
    台湾小小coser(´ω`*)ネー 欢迎相互交流嬉戏勾搭+.゚(●´I`)b゚+.゚ 请多多指教♥ よろしくお願いしますー! I'm a Taiwanese cosplayer(´ω`*)ネー Welcome to be my friends! Nice to meet you+.゚(●´I`)b゚+.゚ Weibo✥ Plurk✥ Diary✥ FB PAGE✥ >>>写眞無断转載禁止<<<
  • Malaysia
    各位好~ 我是马来西亚的新手 请多多指教 ^w^ Hello everyone I'm a newbie from Malaysia Yoroshiku onegaishimasu^w^
  • Taiwan
    這裡是砂砂 目標是坑完所有版本的千冬歲(醒醒) 大概就是個一輩子的夏千控 Facebook: Plurk:
  • Taiwan
    初めまして,私の名前は雪凜です。 ヘタリア大好です!マシュー·ウィリアムズ大好!(カナダ) My name is Yuki!It's my pleasure to meet you and make cosfriends in this net! If you clicked my pictures,I would also return you a favorite,even follow you! Thanks a lot and Keep going together! 嗨!各位好,這裡是雪凜! 如果是灣家的同好噗浪比較好找我、還請多指教→Plurk:
  • Taiwan
    台湾から、煖(だん/せん)と申します。どうぞよろしく! From Taiwan,nice to meet you. 這裡是煖煖m(_ _)m 熱愛V家,ミク廚,Love Live,ダイヤのA 搭角絕對歡迎/// 基本上都會互粉//歡迎FB或噗浪交流喔(///艸 請多指教!!!m(_ _)m Plurk噗浪: FB fan page:
  • Taiwan
    我是深紅,可以叫我紅紅或ㄏㄏ,請多指教! I'm Scarlett(Shinku), nice to meet you . 私の名前は深紅です,はじめまして。 Plurk:
  • Taiwan
    大家好!這裡是小巴 很開心能透過COSPLAY和大家交流~ HI,I`m Tomoe, a cosplayer from Taiwan. I would like to share my favorite characters and make friends with everyone~ You can chat with me through TWITTER、FB or PLURK. Thanks for your follow. twitter: Facebook: plurk:
  • Taiwan
    安安,我是無翼 噗浪: FB粉絲專頁: