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桐崎かずい (Kazui Kirisaki)
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  • France
    Hello , My name is Benjamin , i have 19 years old i'm French i love food and Music "With great power, comes great irresponsibility. " everyone can speak with me ^^
  • Malaysia
  • Aki
    Hello, I'm Aki cosplayer from Thailand. Nice to meet you! 【FanPage】 【FB】 【IG】 【TW】
  • Indonesia
    I am iruda ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ From Indonesia Nice to meet you guys ☆〜(ゝ。∂) Facebook : Instagram :
  • Japan
    撮影のみです。 週1くらいでスタジオに篭っています。 Twitter: Archive:
  • China
    My name is maca,from Chinese,I like making clothes.
  • Philippines
    Yo, Julie Here. Im from Philippines. I am a random person who does cosplay, but much more of an artist. No hate pls. I am just a Noobie. Facebook: Twitter: Deviant: Tumblr:
  • Chile
  • Brazil
    always ∞ hungry
  • WJ
    嗨! 這邊是台灣中區新手coser W.J. Hi! I am W.J., a rookie cosplayer from central Taiwan. 也可以叫我小不點或Aka(阿卡) you can also call me Little guy or Aka. 還請大家多多指教!(鞠躬 Kindly give me your advice please! Thank you! :D PLURK→ FACEBOOK→
  • Russia
    Hi, I'm Ru. My page VK Deviantart Facebook Instagram rukiashiba
  • Viet Nam
  • Brazil
    Hello! I'm Thaís and I'm a beginner Brazilian cosplayer. I hope you enjoy my work, which is my greatest enjoyment. ^-^v わたしはタイスです。 ようこそ! (^-^v) Visit my page: DeviantArt:
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요:) 17女 코스어. 쿠로바스/K/LoveLive!/UNLIGHT 방문 감사합니다:) 하트(좋아요)와 코멘트 감사합니다!:D 아직 초보지만 열심히 하겠습니다!:) Hello.:) I'm 16 years old and Female cosplayer from South Korea. love :: Kurobasu/ K/LoveLive!/UNLIGHT etc.. I'm not a good cosplayer now, but I'm trying my best:D Have a good time!:) Thanks to visit! Thanks for your hearts and comments♥ ごんにちは! 私は韓国のコスアです。 黒バス/K/LoveLive!/UNLIGHTが好きです。 ハートとコメントはありがとうございます。 よろしくおねがいします。 twitter : @myoheru BLOG :
  • Russia
    Vk - Ask - http://// Facebook -
  • Malaysia
    Cosplay enthusiast- A rookie- >w< Cosplay is my passion- It makes me happy only just by thinking about it. ㄟ(≧◇≦)ㄏ