ARISA (Arisa)
I started in December 2004's Winter Comiket. My first cosplay was Dejiko. I am a professional cosplayer. For me, it is both work and hobby. As professional cosplayer, I have models in costume for photoshoot and cdrom, makes special appearance and performances in roadshow and cosplay events as showgirl.
  • WorldCosplay No.78142
  • NicknameARISA
  • Gender Female
  • Country/Region日本
  • Witchiko
  • yang
  • Jenny Smith
  • Iceiceice Sa
  • Ian
  • yuner
  • MD
  • Higan
  • 酱游星
  • Ezio
  • 米娜vina
  • 4215
  • Aku Lux
  • Gledin Chacon