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    Hi, I'm Johnson.............. I Like something "moe-moe" Wkwkwkwk.......... and something Ecchi, but i'm not like Everyone, i just like it, cause, it make my confused........ Gone... I think. Just that, Yoroshiku nah
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    Welcome to my profile! I'm a cosplayer in Canada Cosplaying since 2013 Please follow for updates > w < Thank you for your support! I post costests on my social media! Instagram: riinakko
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    한국에서 코스프레&소품제작을 하는 쿠로냥 입니다(영어로 kuronaang으로 써요) Called Kuronaang that cosplay in South Korea (한국에서 코스프레를 하는 쿠로냥이라고 합니다) props is made me ^^ (소품도 제가 만들어요) Do not speak English well (영어는 잘 못합니다) Japanese Hiragana and Katakana are possible (일본어는 히라가나와 가타카나가 가능합니다)
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    Cosplay for life!
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    Hi, I'm cosplayer from Czech Republic ^^ Facebook page:
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    Konichiwa Minna-san! >w< ~ Rin Nyan Kagamine (Rin Rin) ~ Malaysia Cosplayer ~ 6 years cosplaying experience ~ Passion in Costume Making (1 year experience) ~ Majoring cosplaying from Love Live & Vocaloid Series Do come & support my personal pages & instagram :D FB Page: Instagram: RinRin_3291 Shop page: