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    Hello~ I am Akai Kuroki, Cosplayer from Singapore. English & 日本語 OK! 中文 & 한국어(?) 25%~ (I am still learning) Email: Instagram: @xdoubleidiotx Twitter: @xdeadkurokix I hope that we can be friends!~ Find and chat with me via these social media (as above) !~ I will try to update photos as much as I can!~ And Please do enjoy my works!~ Please do enjoy my journey!!~
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    or LIAM, for my male counterpart. I'm fairly new in perfecting my cosplays, and finally re-debuting this August, hopefully. ✿Inquiries✿ ✿Instagram✿ ✿DeviantART✿ ✿Tumblr✿
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    My name is Eugene, or you can call me Eugi and I'm Vietnamese :3 I love cosplay~~ my favorite color is purple I am a Touranlover <3 Thank for you support Anw, hope you like my works
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    Hi, I'm Seijun, Newbie here hehe Lots and lots of new account to come Follow me with these accounts: twitter account: instagram account: @seijun_akashi gmail account: Devianart account: disqus account: Happy to meet you all! Welcome to my world!
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    Beginner cosplayer~! Started in 2015 Instagrm : tsukikoichinose YouTube : JpopFanTsukiko Facebook : Tsukiko Egg Cosplay Twitter -TsukikoIchinose
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    Hi everyone <3 Nice to meet you I`m Francesca ~ I'm a german cosplayer since 2014 And I hope you like my cosplays! Please follow me if you like. Thank you. <3333 And....I'm so sorry for bad quality pics ;__; Soon I'll get a new Camera ^^ next con: J-con Websites: Instagram: Tumblr: Facebook:
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    Hi! I'm Judy Anne Kirishima, cosplayer from Philippines! - - amateur props maker | loves to draw,dance and eat =^w^= wanderlust | collector Nice to meet you! '> w <)> Feel free to visit my profile! :3 Follow/add me. <3 > Facebook: > Twitter: @Judy_the_Anne > Instagram: @judyannekirishima > Cosplay Amino: Judy Anne Kirishima
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    *★,°*:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/:*.°★* 。Yoo, minna-san WELCOME (〃▽〃)ゞ I'M HITSU MAKI O/ 🌠 ▶⭐ INSTAGRAM : ⭐ 🌠
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    大家好,我是來自台灣的COSER,草川! みなさん、こんにちは、私は台湾のCosplayer、草川です! Hi,everyone.I'm come from Taiwan!: ) ◣Plurk◢ ◣Instagram◢ ◣Twitter◢ Loading... ◣Weibo◢ Loading... ◣Facebook◢ Loading...
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