Ai Ishihara (Fiammetta Falchi)
  • Spain
    ♥ FACEBOOK ♥ If you watched me in Deviantart, please you confirm me in a comment ;_; I wish watch every cosplayer but I can not always see all watchs. Thank you for understand. ♥ DEVIANTART ♥ ♥ YOUTUBE ♥
  • Japan
    成人済みレイヤー 「好きなものを好きな時に」をモットーに細々と活動中 気持ち悪いは褒め言葉、ネタには全力を尽くします かっこいいのにどこか残念 気持ち悪いイケメン そんな頭おかしい系キャラが好きです。 よろしくお願いします・ω・ Archive:207448
  • Italy
    Hello! *-*/ I'm Giada and I'm an italian cosplayer since 2009 I hope you like my cosplays ^w^ Follow me here: YouTube: Tumbler: Istagram: Facebook: Deviantart:
  • Italy
    Hello everyone! My name's Carola I'm an Italian cosplayer since 2011 and cosmaker too. I hope my cosplay can be interesting for someone! ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ Facebook:
  • Italy
    Hi,there! i'm Phill from Italy.. I really like comics,manga,music,videogames and cosplay of course^^ ..oh and pizza..and ice cream...i love ice cream. well...cowabunga dudes!
  • Italy
    I'm not really active here, so, if you want, you can follow me on tumblr! I'm 20, from Cagliari. I'm a cosmaker and I hope you'll like my works. DeviantArt: Facebook: Tumblr: Instagram: @ashesandrainbows