yumi.U米 (Yumi)
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  • Philippines
    hi Im John Rowen Negrite!!! I love Anime, i love jpop specially "SCANDAL girl band" i love cosplay!!!!! XD visit my Devianart: http://rowen07.deviantart.com/ you can add me at curecos.com http://en.curecos.com/profile/?ch=347935 you can also visit me at Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/RNegrite
  • Indonesia
    Just an ordinary girl who like to cosplay. And I'm one of INheritage's Voice Actors. My character is Dita the Spiral Horn, quite cute, tsundere-ish character... Haha Hmm, ok, that's about me, for short... Don't ask my height, ok? //randombabling
  • Thailand