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    COSPLAY BLOG: DeviantArt:
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    (ノ・∀・)ノ彡 ⌒/(。ω。)\ Hi, guys.. I'm Mottingle, I like to cosplay bishie / moe boys, pretty and cheerful girl, etc. Please don't be shy to greet me.. Well, nice to see you!! ■Facebook: ■twitter:
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    【PLURK】 【FACEBOOK】 【CURE】No.367878 【ASK】 ★★★★ VOCALOID K-PROJECT UNLIGHT 艷漢 ZONE 00 FREE! 盜墓筆記 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 伊佐那社 Rin/LEN (鏡音 鈴,連) 葉月渚(NAGISA) 吉原詩郎 吉原安里 吳邪 張起靈 Inori
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    Hello, I am Hika Ru! From Aachen, Germany, I´m 15 years old and love it to cosplay. Cosplayer since 2013 <3 YouTube:
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    Hello! Welcome to my WorldCosplay page _________________________________________ Other Pages: Deviant Art-
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    Hello I'm Erika from the Philippines but I live in the U.S. I don't (currently) cosplay, but I like to watch people do it ^o^
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    Hello, My name is Larissa but most know me as Larry Bear, and I'm 16 years old. I just love cosplaying! You can find my facebook here:
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    こんにちは私はまどかです。オーストラリアのコスプレイヤー。私は声優になりたい。よろしく (>o<)ノ facebook: DA:
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    Hi Hi Its Hoshi Chan. Im A Cosplayer From Cleveland, Ohio. I Enjoy Cosplaying Because I Get To Become My Favorite Character From A Gaame, Manga, Or Anime. I Just Hope Yo All Like My Cosplay. ★Deviantart★ ★Worldcosplay★ ★Cure★ ★Twitter★!/HoshiStarChan ★Facebook Fan Page★
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    Hi! I'm Francesca Rita or Luna for friends ^^ I'm from Sardinia and I love crafting <3 Almost all of my cosplay are made by me, (if not, I always quote the cosmaker) Follow me on Facebook if you like to see how I make my cosplay! <3 My deviantART: Enjoy!
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    Fan of anime and Gackt. Enjoys watching Tiger & Bunny, Uta No Prince Sama, Guilty Crown and K Project (as of currently). Known about cosplay for maybe 8 years in middle school. heh. Actual cosplaying for 7 but yeah it wasn't to serious because of limited resources. I dream of elaborate asian inspired cosplays. Love animals and speak english and chinese. Just don't ask me to type in chinese though. American born. xP