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Lafan (Lafan)
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  • Singapore
    Cosplay Photographer from singapore 100% otaku who loves to take cosplay photos Currently attempting to travel to different countries to get to know cosplayers around around the world! Please pm me if you're interested in getting to know me too :D Facebook Page (main): Website: Deviantart:
  • Thailand
  • France
    Yo !(⌒▽⌒) Planktoon, french cosplayer since 2013. 『deviantart』:
  • Japan
  • Japan
    使い方がよく分かってねぇ!!!ε-(/・ω・)/ ゲーム・漫画・アニメだいすきだよ
  • Japan
    マイペースに活動してます。 Twitter chi0621
  • sio
    ゲーヲタです。 新旧ネトゲ格ゲシミュレーションRPGオフゲもボドゲもTRPGも大好きです。 コスはゲームが多めです。 I'm hardcore gamer. I like FF2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,14. I specially like 11. Monster hunter, DRAMAtical Murder, Legend of Mana ,Diablo, Dragon's Crown GUILTY GEAR, King of Fighters, Bloody Roar, Vampire… It can not be written to too many XD
  • Brazil
    Hi, I'm Daniel but my friends just call me "Jack" ^^ Have a nice day everyone! Let's RöK! ;) facebook:
  • Italy
  • United States
    Hello! I'm Li and I live in the USA, but I'm originally from Hungary, Europe. I started making costumes in 1998 and I make all of my costumes myself. ゼルダの伝説は私の好みのゲームシリーズであるが、私のコスプレのほとんどは任天堂およびゼルダの伝説のゲームに基づいている。 ★ ★ ★ ★
  • Costa Rica
    Im Kiri from Costa Rica! I really enjoy with this hobby and also i like to make friends with my same likes so, feel free to write a comment on the pictures!
  • Malaysia
    您好,我叫月美,雖然沒有COSPLAY,但是請多多指教~! Hi,I am Yue Mei。 Although here is no COSPLAY, but please advise ~! FB: Plurk:
  • France
    Welcome ! My name is Asmodée. I'm a french cosplayer since 2009. I'm still a beginner, but I'm trying to do my best and improve myself. Thank you for visiting ~ <3 This is my FB fanpage :
  • United States
    Hi, I'm Ho­pe! I don'­t have many cosplays­ so far, a­nd haven't gone to many conventions, but I plan on changing ­that NOW. ­You can usually find me at Ota­kon!(◕‿◕✿) . Facebook: Tumblr: DeviantArt:
  • Thailand
    Hello Everybody I'm Nobume Rinfuku . I'm come from Thailand . I'm 14 years old Nice to meet you ! Facebook: & Skype: Nutgy Rinfuku
  • South Korea
    안녕하세요, 요조입니다^^ nice to meet you! my name is MA jon, from seoul, korea Thank you for come by my page!