United States
  • Mexico
    My name is Allih. 22 years old. Mexican Cosplayer! ヾ(^∇^). FACEBOOK PAGE: 私の名前はアリーです。 メキシコのコスプレイヤーです~。
  • Germany
    ♦ ♥.~*☠*~☆~.♥.~*☠*~☆~*♥. ♦ ●► Called ::Katti - Dolly ●► Real Name :: Kathrin ●► Age :: 22 ●► Job :: school ●► Hair :: blond ●► Eyes :: blue ●► Height :: 1,62 cm i hope, you´ll like my Cosplays <3 ♦ ♥.~*☠*~.♥.~☆~*.♥.~*☠* ~.♥ ♦ ☆ facebook Fanpage ☆ ♥ deviantart ♥ ☆ twitch ☆
  • Russia
    начинающий косплеер из России :3 страничка в контакте
  • Italy
    HI~ :3 I'm Valentina, I'm Italian and I live in Milan I'm 26 and i'm a cosplayer since 2009. It's one of my great passion^^ I hope you'll like my works! Facebook~ Deviantart ~ Monster Hunter's community admin ~ ~
  • South Africa
    Heyo!! I'm Yukino but please feel free to call me Yuru! Hope that I can keep you entertained! こんにちは、私はゆるです!❤ 私は南アフリカのコスプレイヤーです。 私は新しい人と話が大好きです。私は英語と日本語のほんの少し話します! ❤Facebook Page: Profile: ❤Deviant Art ❤Tumblr ❤Twitter
  • Brazil
    My name is Natalia. I'm cosplayer and cosmaker. I'm cosplayer since 2010. I love to draw, cosplay, take pictures and so on. I hope you enjoy my picture ^^ My Fanpage: My Blog:
  • Australia
    Hello~ this is Australian coser Mero I started cosplay on march 2012! =w=[newby] my cosplay skills is still kinda crap, but i hope u guys enjoy it :) p.s i will upload some of my cosplay shoot soon as possible! cheers! 안녕하세요! 한국계호주인 코스어 매로입니다! 코스프래을 시작한지 오래되진 않았지만, 여러분들의 관심과 사랑을 보내주시면 대단히 감사하겠습니다 ^^ こんにちは! メロです! コスプレを始めてから長くならなくてたくさん下手だが, みなさんの関心と愛を送ってくださればどうもありがとうございます ^^ FANPAGE: COSPLAY TEAM: