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阮碧 (Bi)
United States
  • China
    My name is shasha.Like to make friends, welcome to leave a message. I am black, dark, contradiction. At the same time, love COSPLAY! 朋友们都叫我杀杀,我的CN全名是TREE荆棘杀,喜欢交朋友,欢迎GD~ 新浪微博:
  • EBi
    你好(°ཀ°)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::PLURK:: ::BLOG:: Cure No. 210184
  • Japan
    Hello!! 飛沫と申します。 Twitter>> ARCHIVE>> Facebook>> よろしくお願いします(*`・ω・´)
  • China
    Hey guys !I am a cosplayed and an environment artist working on KUNGFU PANDA 3. Love Animation and all the creepy movies,also a huge fan of Dreamworks , if u are also interested in VFX or digital painting stuff, I 'll be so glad to talk with u! You can also find me below: Facebook: Weibo: Renren:
  • Japan
    ワーコス始めました〜(*´∀`*) フォローお気軽にです(*≧▽≦)ノ☆ Welcome^^my page! \ Please enjoy my photos! / ★Archive ★Cure ★Twitter (*´∇`*)ノシ
  • Singapore
    Shiro Ang Photography -Official World Cosplay Account- I love to travel around the world, meeting and working with new people. This is life. ■ Facebook: ■ Twitter: ■ Flickr: ■ Instagram:
  • Russia
    Hello! Our names are Takeru and Soubi, but we are also known as Kohaku No Yume cosband ^^ We hope you'll enjoy our cosplay! ♠♠ Links ♠♠
  • Japan
    アイマス、ヘタリア中心にダラダラと。 Hi Nice to meet you. i'm Japanese cosplayer tamaki korean&English ok
  • Japan
    コスプレをするのも好きですが、 人のコスプレを見るのも大好きです~<<<<3 Hi from Japan :) Japanese and little bit English I like looking a cosplay. I love to make a friend all over the world through cosplay.
  • South Korea
    *AeYul* Cure No.197091
  • Japan
    本能の赴くままにまったり活動しています(´ω`*) ガチでチキンですがどうぞ仲良くしてやってくださいv
  • Taiwan
    台湾のレイヤーです。 亦軒と申しますが、気楽にECと呼んでくださいね! よろしくお願いいたします٩(๑´3`๑)۶♪ 日本語OKです。 Hi,I'm a cosplayer from Taiwan. Thank you for your visiting. 最近:黑執事一直線,朝自作派努力中。 預訂:黑執事、死神Bleach、月刊少女野崎君、東京喰種、DEATH Note、等。 2015/03/08.
  • SR
    South Korea
    안녕하세요 소라(SR)라고합니다 :) 반갑습니다 ○▽○)/
  • Taiwan
    大家好~我是台灣coser陌晨。廣播劇的小伙伴們都叫我將軍,日常的朋友喜歡喊我丸子。 各位盡可選喜歡的方式喊我,請隨意~ 最近很喜歡也很關注的: 五爺/古風/古裝劇/水袖舞蹈/世界一初戀/只有花知曉/各種BL小說(來者不拒)/ Blog yam(天空部落): Plurk(噗浪日常): 本家:
  • Viet Nam
    ☆ Blog : ☆ Facebook :
  • Taiwan
    Facebook Page or Plurk