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Wild Boy (Wild Boy)
South Korea
  • South Korea
    Hi~ I'm spcats Doremi☆ ★facebook ★facebook page ★spcats page ★Twitter ★Instagram ★Blog ★Webpage
  • Ukraine
    Hi, I'm Ukrainian cosplayer^^ I'm mahou shoujo and yuri fan*ω* You can find me at the following links: VK Instagram kiriktanya AskFM
  • France
    Hi ♥ We are Kara and Amii~ Two cosplayers from France ~ Kara is the 100% french girl and Amii is also thai ♥ Hope you like our work~
  • Miu
    South Korea
    Hello >w<!!
  • Italy
    You can find me here: Deviant Art - Facebook - Tumblr -
  • South Korea
    *FACE BOOK : *TWITTER : *MAIL : *SINCE 1998 and 2006
  • som
    South Korea
    Face book Blog Nice to meet you *^▽^* My English is not that good. XD
  • Russia
  • South Korea
  • South Korea
    *AeYul* Cure No.197091
  • Italy
    *FACEBOOK* *TUMBLR* Friends, fun, histrionics, love for costumes design and childhood traumas soonly got me into cosplay. Then cosplay got me into anime. My favourite anime are generally Gainax delirium driven shows like FLCL and Evangelion and my favourite characters are generally Gainax badasses like Haruko, Kamina and Asuka. "Nothing can happen till you swing the bat"
  • South Korea
    [Nickname] TASHA [Birthday] May 12th [Email] [Webpage] Hello, I'm Tasha of the Spiral Cats cosplay team. A word to anyone who might be confused since there is already an ID named 'Spcats Tasha' on WorldCosplay. 'Spcats Tasha' is NOT my account and I am not associated with whoever is managing it. Have a very nice day everyone!
  • Taiwan
    TW Coser Kuyu Email only~ -------------------------- 天空 --------------- FaceBook --------------- 半次元 --------------- Cure : 328416 --------------- ASK --------------- AMPLE cos Do yourself and be real
  • Japan
    マクロスFシェリル一生ラブです(*^o^*) 永遠の憧れ! シェリルのような女性になりたいです。 シェリルのコスコンプリートを目標にしてます! ラブライブにはまりました! 真姫ちゃんと凛ちゃんが大好きです!!! 気が合いそうだと感じたら仲良くしてください! ジャンル関係なしに素敵なクオリティの高い方にハート押しまくりです♪ I love Sheryl Nome! アーカイブ Twitter @eli_sheryl
  • United States
    I'm a cosplayer living in America. I like to draw, write, and cosplay in my free time! Welcome to my dating page! Psh, no. XD I'd love to make lots of cosplaying friends as well as improve in my cosplays!
  • United Kingdom
    Hey Im Giulietta Beau Zawadzki. Im a Cosplayer, Costume Designer, Artist and Gamer. I like to make all my cosplays mine and add my own designs to the costumes, so my cosplay won't be 100% accurate but they will be original :) Thanks :D